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STP's BLOG 03/31/15 "The Rock on SNL"

I finally got around to watching some of Saturday Night Live with The Rock…man that dude is just plain awesome. I have to thank Thee Ted Smith for raving about this particular sketch that they did that as a wrestling fan, I absolutely LOVED!

I thought this bit was great too…and as silly as it was, I have to say…I would totally go see this movie!!

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STP's BLOG 03/30/15 "Best Wrestlemania Ever!"

Wrestlemania 31 went down last night. How was it… I'll just let my tweet last night do the talking.

Yes…it was that good. It was definitely the greatest Wrestlemania of my adult life…possibly ever. It's tough to compare it to the early ones as I was just a kid back then and not nearly as critical as I am now. I might not havce been super pumped about some of the endings, as I would have loved to have seen Sting win his match and Bray Wyatt win his…but wins and losses are not the be all end all in sports entertainment. Every match was full of great entertainment…they told incredible stories in the ring. There wasn't one bad match! Props to the WWE and all of their Superstars for putting on an awesome show.

Speaking of props…Very cool of the WWE for showing love to JBLM!

The whole weekend was great… I LOVED how the WWE Network covered the entire weekend, their "red carpet" coverage was doner better than any awards show, and I have a new found love for Maria . I have always dug her, but when she was chatting with "The American Dream", Dusty Rhodes, and busted into his famous "Hard Times" promo…she cemented herself as one of the cooler celebs out there!

If you have never seen the "Hard Times" promo, here it is…

I was on Twitter this morning and noticed that she wound up doing the promo again…

The Hall Of Fame ceremony was long, and I know some complained about that…but I was OK with that. These inductees did years of damage to their bodies, and are getting one night to be in the spotlight again… I think that's awesome, and give them every second they want to share their thoughts.

The highlight was Daniel Bryan… I am stoked that we get to call him our own (he's from Aberdeen), as he gave an incredible induction speech for Conner Michalek – AKA Conner The Crusher. Who is Conner? He was a young boy that loved wrestling and sadly passed away due to cancer. During the speech…Daniel spoke from the heart…. Click HERE to read more about his speech and to watch the speech.

Here is a very cool video that the WWE recently aired about Conner…

I had some friends over for the party…Castle was there…doing work in the kitchen and providing some great commentary…

I was rather proud of the door sign I made to convince people to take their shoes off when entering our home!

 photo hulk_zpsgqrsachv.jpg
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STP's BLOG 03/27/15 "What Planet Did he Say?

This weatherman is a man after my own heart! A weatherman in Boston named Pete Bouchard was talking about how Mars and Venus were visible the other night…he also mentioned another planet. Check it out!

So Wrestlemania 31 is this Sunday…and all of the wrestlers have been doing a bunch of media to promote the Super Bowl of Wrestling! Including John Cena…who was HILARIOUS on Jimmy Kimmell! If you missed it…check it out:

Did you know that Thee Ted Smith and I are doing a podcast? It's called the Mega Cast, and we just got a great tweet that sums up the most recent episode…

Check out this week's episode right here:

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STP's BLOG 03/27/15 "Bray Wyatt & Wrestlemania 31"

This weekend is the Super Bowl of wrestling – WRESTLEMANIA! I am so excited for it…and even more excited because I was able to chat with "The New Face Of Fear" – Bray Wyatt! It was fun talking to Bray about the evolution of his character!

Check out the full episode of the STP-CAST to hear our picks for WM31, and more!

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STP's BLOG 03/19/15 "Mariners Commercials"

The Mariners just released their new set of commercials. if you aren't familiar with what they do...every year they make a batch of commercials that are creative and funny. I have to say that this year 's are the best yet! It's fun seeing these guys in a light-hearted environment...and for some, wearing metal inspired wigs!

This is a great one.... features Nelson Cruz and Logan Morrison discussing Fernando Rodney's "flying arrow"...

I got a kick out of this one...especially Manager Lloyd McClendon's part...

This one stars King Felix...and a...uh...mime?!?

Finally...good luck getting this song out of your head...

Just based on these commercials...Tom Wilhelmsen has quickly become one of my favorite personalities on the team. We need to get him on the show one of these days! Not only for his metal stylings in these commercials, but I read an interview with him where he was asked if he has a favorite restaurant or bar in Seattle...and his response: "All of 'em! Whichever ones don't run out of beer."

Plus, Tom also likes to jam out to "Turn Down For What":

I am getting more and more stoked for the Mariners this year....I can't wait to go to some games!

 photo mariners pano_zpszujdyzga.jpg

 photo 81DD80B8-B0A4-4EF9-A2EC-50D9F6ECA76D_zpsknhsgzap.jpg

 photo diamondvision_zps96ab3d46.jpg

 photo stpbeardhat_zpsc3d6d804.jpg

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STP's BLOG 03/18/15 "Rumors...Relax!"

Sometimes I have to wonder about people. Yesterday there was a rumor that Michael Bennett of the Hawks requested a trade. Just reading the headlines I immediately thought that there is no way. This morning we read that both the Seahawks and the NFL denied these rumors. It's amazing how one tweet by one "reporter" could cause waves like this…

What's even more amazing are the so-called "fans" that are quick to bash Bennett for something that hasn't even been confirmed.

I'm not one of those people that trash other fans, or get mad that the Hawks are attracting a new fan base thanks to their success…in fact I LOVE that the team is getting more and more popular… BUT … if you are one of those "fans" to trash a player based on a rumor, you are an idiot.

Here are some of the things I read…

What a jerk
As a 'hawks fan, I say let him go.
Sheesh does Bennett dislike Jimmy Graham that much?
Wow. What an ass****.
Good…we don't need him!

I can't imagine what life is like for people like that…jumping to conclusions before any factual information is presented to them.

 photo 3C6D4B5B-F95C-4500-B450-B04A1C30EE1D_zpsytobdqso.jpg

It's been a while since my alter ego, Steve Tomatoes, has made a review…I fixed that this morning…

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STP's BLOG 03/17/15 "St. Patty's Day Trick!"

Today we thought we learned a fun trick that you can impress your friends with while celebrating St. Patrick's Day…aka. …Drinking.

There's a YouTube video floating around that shows how to get the cap off a beer bottle using nothing but a sheet of paper. Here's what you do . . .

1. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom. Then fold it in half long-wise three times, until it's long and thick (if you giggled when reading "thick", apparently you are at the same level of maturity as I am).

2. Now fold THAT in the middle, to turn it into a "V" shape.

3. Hold the bottle steady, put the "V" part under the cap, and pop it off.

Well I tried it this morning…either the bottle cap I worked with was glued on or the paper I used wasn't strong enough…but I wasn't able to make it happen. Hell...I failed miserably!
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STP's BLOG 03/16/15 - "Ted & Steve Invade The WWE!"

Over the weekend Thee Ted Smith and I attended the WWE Live event at the Key Arena…what a great time! Before the event we recorded a podcast (The Mega Cast) …and yes…we decided to wear matching shirts with the MegaCast logo on it.

 photo MEGACASTLOGO_zpsb23414e1.jpg

There is nothing odd about two grown men wearing shirts with our heads super imposed over the Hulkster & Macho Man!

Our seats were awesome, and the action was great! Here are a few pix I took while there…

Roman Reigns…

 photo wwe4_zpsnendi6fq.jpg

Dean Ambrose…

 photo wwe8_zpshnynjxf1.jpg

Wade Barrett…

 photo wwe7_zpsvn8g4pgn.jpg

Here we are with the "Hogan Family"…

 photo wwe6_zps9nxbruqx.jpg

The Champ…Is…Here!

 photo wwe9_zpsg1gvmuax.jpg

Yes… Ted & I are rocking light up WWE necklaces… best 15 bucks ever spent!

 photo wwe3_zpstx9jzaqk.jpg

The crew… (our bud Levi from Lyon Pride Music, Tanch & Jeetz from Hot 103.7, and of course Ted & me)…

 photo wwe2_zpszejorhht.jpg

It was also very cool to meet some fellow wrasslin' fans while there!

Here I am with Drew…

 photo wwe5_zpsrxtyvpei.jpg

Here are some tweets that we were tagged in…

But the highlight was before the event…we were pre-funking at Ted's place and our bud Tanch (from our sister station Hot 103.7) showed us a talent that he has that blew us away!

Speaking of the Mega Cast... check out our most recent episode here:

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STP's BLOG 03/13/15 "Thanks Doug!"

Our buddy Doug Benson is the man…we always love having him on the show, and I love how he gives us props with his fashion choices. I have seen hyim live a couple times, and he will wear one of our show's T-shirts…and recently on his awesome show "Getting High With Doug", he was wearing the BJ Shea "Happy Family" T-Shirt. Check it out!

 photo Getting Doug With High -- wearing our shirt_zps7i9gxjwc.jpg

I especially love this because I did the "artwork" on this shirt!

 photo shirt happy family_zpssctfe5sj.jpg

You can still buy this shirt at the KISW Rock Shop by clicking HERE!

Here is that episode of GDWH…

Last night my beer league hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys, had a big win…and celebrated it with a couple drinks… OK… more than just a couple…

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STP's BLOG 03/12/15 "KISW in the HOF!"

Yesterday, KISW became one of the first ever inductees into the new Rock Radio Hall of Fame. I am not exactly sure what the Rock Radio hall of Fame is, and who else is in it…but it's pretty cool that we got recognized.

They dropped by yesterday afternoon with an award for us...Check it out!

 photo hof 2_zpsdoryekrl.jpg

 photo hof 1_zpsiwkl8wad.jpg

Castle and the felllas on The Mens Room were stoked about it too!

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STP's BLOG 03/11/15 0 "I Like The New Nickelback Song"

This morning we were talking about a new Nickelback video for a song called "She Keeps Me Up"…apparently Nickelback fans are beyond upset about the song. I think it's funny that their fans are calling them sell-outs for this song. They are one of the biggest bands in the last decade when it comes to album sales and attendance at their concerts…the term "sell-out" seems a little ridiculous in this situation.

When I heard about the back-lash, I figured this will be a song that I too will hate (I am not a Nickelback hater, I enjoy a lot of their songs…I just don't usually dig the songs they have released that have become hits). So I put the song on….and I have to admit it…I really liked it. Yes it's poppy…hell…it's pretty close to disco. But it has a fun vibe to it. Can't music be fun every once in a while? I love dark music…I love heavy songs, but every once in a while it's nice to just listen to a fun song. Here…check it out:

This song was a topic of discussion on this week's STP-CAST (listen HERE)…hell, it led to us busting into a dance party…
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STP's BLOG 03/10/15 "Funny Puppy"

This is one minute of pure awesomeness! Enjoy!

So at our station…whenever someone wants to give something away, they leave it on the kitchen table. So on any given day you will see cookies, apples, CD's, t-shirts, etc. on the table. So I guess I should be surprised when I see this today….

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STP's BLOG 03/09/15 "It Was 20 Years Ago?!?!"

I think there will be more and more moments in my life to remind me that I am getting old… as there are always going to be events from my younger years that are now being celebrated for having some sort of a special anniversary. Yesterday was a perfect example of this.

I was watching some hockey yesterday, and my favorite team…the New Jersey Devils…were celebrating the 20 year anniversary of winning their first Stanley Cup. I remember it like it was yesterday… after years of watching the Devils stink (many years…I was a fan of theirs since 1986…and they were BAD back in those days), that moment of watching the guys hoist the cup in victory was an incredible moment as a fan. That was 1995…doesn't seem that long ago until you see it attached to the 20 Year Anniversary title. Damn!
As I was watching the pre-game festivities to celebrate this, I posted a picture on my Twitter page that the Devils retweeted. I can't lie…I geeked out a little about this…

Many many many years ago...well over 20 years ago... I would spend my nights as a teen calling a sports radio show in New York. The show was hosted by Steve Somers on WFAN, and the very first time I called in was to talk about an unknown goalie in the Devils minor leagues named Martin Brodeur! Fast forward to the present, and Marty is considered one of the greatest goalies to have ever played the game! This audio is a trip to listen to…

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STP's BLOG 03/06/15 "Chappie!"

This weekend Chappie is in theaters…we were lucky enough to go to a screening for this nmovie, and I absolutely LOVED it. I expected not to like it as much as I did, but the film has a great story…and some awesome action scenes. Plus it has an interesting commentary on life that I won't spoil. Most importantly… Hugh Jackman is in it, and he is sporting a rather weird mullet! Check out the trailer:

Now I could keep raving about how much I love this movie…but what does my "alter ego" – Steve Tomatoes – think of this film?

Die Antwoord is a rave hip hop group that is both strange and awesome at the same time. The members of the group, Yo-Landi & Ninja, are two of the stars of Chappie…and they are great in the movie. Here is a video of them to give you a taste of their strange sound. This was when they were on Letterman, and I am pretty sure they confused both Letterman and his audience.

Somehow this morning we got talking about this…

Yes…this is a legit dating site! What the hell…the first time I ever saw this commercial on TV I thought I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit!
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STP's BLOG 03/05/15 "Chappie, Lions, & Bears...Oh My!"

So all of us are a little tired, as we went to see the screening of that new movie, "Chappie". We will give a full review tomorrow…but I will just say this… this movie is awesome. I absolutely loved it…and I didn't expect to like it at all.

I don't really have an explanation for this video…so I will just leave it here:

Have you seen the video of a Lion opening someone's car door while they were on a Safari Tour? This ESS is scary!

If this happened to me… A. I would be screaming like a little girl. 2. That car would need to be detailed after the mess I'd make in it.

I remember being a little freaked out watching bears yell at each other at the Olympic Game Farm…but that is nothing like having a damn LION open your car door!!

Bear debate.

A video posted by Steve Migliore (@stevemigs) on

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STP's BLOG 03/04/15 "Snapchat Application!"

So this is pretty cool…A 24-year-old guy in L.A. applied for a job at Snapchat recently. Instead of sending an actual resume...he sent them a Snapchat video of himself. yes...that was his application! He didn't talk about his actual job skills though…he took it down a comedy road instead! He recorded himself riding a bike and spinning a basketball on his finger at the same time.

I give him credit…in a world where everyone is looking for jobs (yes as I typed that I have the movie guy voice in my head), this will make him stand out. Plus…it shows that he tailored it for his job application. Good thing he wasn't rying to get a job at Hummer huh? Waka Waka! No word if Snapchat has called him yet.

Yesterday I came across the Tweet of the Day…it comes from Bruce Irvin from the Seahawks. It's a simple tweet that says so much!

And now…a moment from our pup Lulu. We can't tell if she LOVES cars so much that she freaks out, or if she HATES em…

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STP's BLOG 03/03/15 - "WWE's Daniel Bryan on The MegaCast"

You all probably know that I am a big WWE fan…and one of my favorite Superstars…ok, my favorite superstar is Aberdeen's own… Daniel Bryan. I have been pretty lucky to meet him a couple times….

Here I am with him and his wife, Brie Bella, at last year's Summer Slam radio row!

 photo db bb stp_zpscshfrbcc.jpg

This pic rules as I got to hold the belt!

 photo db stp belt_zpsdtdznk8t.jpg

This pic is funny to look at as his hair game is a lot shorter…this is one of my favorite pix I have taken at a WWE event…

 photo db wrestling_zpsfgqw3mls.jpg

Well… Daniel and the WWE are coming to town in a couple weeks for a live event on Saturday 3/14. Get tickets at TICKETMASTER.

Yesterday, Thee Ted Smith and I had the opportunity to speak with Daniel on our podcast, THE MEGACAST. During the interview, we definitely got nerdy in our chat, as both Ted and I are fans of sports entertainment!

During the interview, Daniel spoke about who he would be interested in wrestling at WrestleMania:

"I would really like the Dolph Ziggler match…mostly what I want is that I want to be featured in a prominent role at Wrestlemania. I think that Dolph and I are two of the best wrestlers in the WWE and so it would be a fantastic match".

Daniel talked about the WWE Network version of NXT (this is the WWE's developmental program where the new stars get to gain experience in the ring on a show that is available on the WWE Network), compared to the TV version that Daniel was on a few years ago:

"I think this version of NXT is better at getting talent exposure to the WWE fans than our was. The difference was we were actually on TV… if this NXT show was on TV it would be making stars out of where they can go straight from NXT to being a main guy on RAW or Smackdown or whatever."

Daniel also shared an interesting idea that he had regarding NXT:

"Yeah I've actually pitched to go down and work one of the NXT specials against someone like Hideo Itami and Finn Balor or somebody like that...because it's hard sometimes when you are telling people 'Hey, you need to check out this awesome Sami Zayn / Kevin Owens match or Adrian Neville / Finn Balor match"'..But if you are to say 'Hey check out this awesome Daniel Bryan vs Hideo Itami match on the Network', more people I think would be willing to check it out."

Check out this week's episode of The MegaCast here (or search iTunes & Stitcher: The Mega Cast)… the interview with Daniel begins at around 17:30.

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STP's BLOG 03/02/15 "14 Seconds!"

Did you catch the UFC 184 over the weekend? Rhonda Rousey did her best Mike Tyson (in his prime) impression by beating Cat Zingano in 14 seconds. Yes…14 seconds! The big joke online is the fight was so short that you could fit the entire match on an Instagram video (whick can be a max of 16 seconds)…here is proof to that!

A video posted by Steven Lees (@kornsteven) on

I thought this was one of the cooler tributes to Leonard Nimoy, who sadly passed away on Friday. An astronaut by the name of Terry Virts gave love to Spock from space!

A few years ago we were lucky enough to chat with Leonard when he was promoting Star Trek Into Darkness. He was a great interview…if you never heard it, check it out here:

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