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STP's Blog 04/28/10 Major Leagues!

This morning we talked about an old video blog where Double B was having fun on the couch in our office...if you haven't seen in...check it out:

So it’s an end of an era…Rick’s Nightclub is being shut down! A few of the guys involved with the club are pleading guilty today to charges of racketeering, money laundering, and promoting prostitution. They are making this plea to save them jail time & the feds are going to seize control of the clubs & will close them immediately. Farewell Rick’s. We rated the clubs this morning, and used baseball terms to distinguish the 4 clubs that are being shut down:

Rick’s -- The Major Leagues
Honey’s - Triple A (minor league)
Fox’s – Double A
Sugar’s – A recreation softball beer league

While we were talking about this, a lady called in that was once a stripper at Honey’s. “Ecstasy” (I Forgot her real name, but she told us her stage name was Ecstasy) told us that some of the allegations about the owners she never witnessed…mainly the promoting of prostitution at the club. She did tell us that when she would have to work a 6 hour shift, she would owe the club 120 bucks to work there, and there are times that you wouldn’t make that much, and then you would owe back pay. This sounds like the premise to a great reality show!! I suggested the feds hand the club over to us, we keep it as a strip club, also serve chicken wings & ribs, and call it “Boners”!!! Based on this chat about strip clubs, I got this email:

God why are you Soo creepy and gross? I hate when you talk about strippers like that. They are people too... You guys are all disgusting and I hate you. Quit being a bunch of bitches. And also BTW I didn t appreciate when BJ called Ryan Castle a sith yesterday when the show ended.. [JAMeS])

I find this hilarious…if he has issues about our stripper banter…that’s cool…but I love that he was stewing about BJ calling Ryan Castle a “sith” at the end of yesterday’s show!!!!

So we had Dominic Monaghan on this morning. Dominic plays Charlie the heroin addicted rocker on LOST, he is also on FlashForward, and you might remember him as one of the hobbits in the Lord Of the Rings Trilogy. While talking to Dominic, he talked about how while on the set of LOST in Hawaii, he developed a strong relationship with the chameleons on the island. Apparently chameleons are really smart. I asked him based on that…was his favorite GI Joe character was Zartan the chameleon guy. He said he didn’t have GI Joe dolls growing up, but had Star Wars figures & would go to bed with a Hans Solo doll…Harrison Ford was his inspiration behind wanting to be an actor. Things got a little awkward when Double R asked about his relationship with Evangeline Lilly (Kate from LOST)…when asked, Dominic said that is something he doesn’t talk about…which I get, but it sounded like for the rest of the interview he was on edge after that.

This morning we were talking about scary movies becauase Annabelle & Vicky refuse to go to the screening of A Nightmare On Elmstreet. One film that kept coming up was a film called Human Centipede...I never heard of this movie, and based on this trailer...I NEVER want to see this!!!!!! My God!!!

Today’s Video Blog features a strange accessory for the iPOD, and Annabelle was wearing some crazy shoes.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

04/28/2010 6:55AM
STP's Blog 04/28/10 Major Leagues!
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