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STP BLOG 06/29/10 "Chicken Ain't Nothing But A Bird"

So if you weren’t able to attend the New Originals show at El Corazon, here is a video that our bud Seth took…one of my fave moments…double drumming with Ryan Castle on Sabbath’s War Pigs!


Here we are rocking “Fight For Your Right To Party” with Thee Ted Smith & Ben The Psycho Muppet on vocals.

This “Rocky Mountain Rambo” guy is insane. Have you been paying attention to Gary Faulkner? This is the guy who took a trip to Pakistan to hunt down Osama Bin Laden. Yesterday he was doing the TV media rounds (The Early Show, The View, Letterman, etc)…while on the Early Show, Gary talked about how he is on dialysis, but he couldn't do it while he was in Pakistan, and when he got back he was pretty sick. His response to that….“Chicken ain’t nothing but a bird, and God hates a coward.” Haha—this guy is INSANE!!!!

So apparently we had some spies living in our own backyard. If you haven’t heard…there were 10 Russian spies found here in the States, accused of serving as secret agents of Russia’s intelligence service (SVR) carrying out long term, deep cover assignments in the U.S. on behalf of Russsia. Well, 2 of the spies are former Seattle residents…they lived in Capitol Hill. Why the hell were they here? Did they go to the wrong Capitol Hill…thinking they were in D.C.? Also…I didn’t realize we were having issues with Russia. I thought we were cool. Do we need to get Rocky to fix things again…like he did when he helped end the Cold War.

Thanks to Louis CK for joining us…Louis is a hero to me as not only did he give us the great show Lucky Louie on HBO (sadly only lasted one season), but he wrote & directed Pootie Tang. Sadly he said he has no intentions of making a Pootie Tang sequel, but Louis does have a great new show on FX that premieres tonight on FX at 11pm. We got to see the pilot episode in advance, and it’s a real funny cool show:

Apparently back when BJ lived in Boston & was trying to do stand up comedy, BJ would run into Louis CK, who was also breaking into the stand up world…BJ mentioned that to Louis & thanked him for being cool to BJ even though BJ wasn’t on the same level as Louis when it came to stand up….mind you this was around 20 years ago, and Louis said “I remember you BJ.” I thought that was pretty cool that he remembered BJ, that is until after the interview BJ described how he looked when he did stand up…he had slicked out crazy hair, and wore a super geeky outfit with 2 ties. Yes, I said 2 ties….of course Louis would remember BJ if that is what he looked like? Ray Charles would remember BJ based on what he wore!

Today’s Video Blog features Double R getting hit on by a dude on Facebook i.m.!!!!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people.

06/29/2010 7:06AM
STP BLOG 06/29/10 "Chicken Ain't Nothing But A Bird"
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