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STP BLOG 09/17/10 "E.R."

We came across this story this morning…

Doctors across the nation are beginning to sound an alarm about a growing number of children ending up in emergency rooms due to a troubling behavior - they're copycatting dangerous stunts they see online. What happened to a 10-year-old boy last year is an example of the alarming trend: Ryan Gooding had a bottle explode in his face. It shattered his nose, burned his skin and nearly blinded him. Ryan said "When we put the ingredients in the bottle, the bottle got pressurized and then eventually blew up." His mother says he got the idea from watching YouTube. Doctor Hani Mansour, a burn center director, says Ryan's story is being seen more and more -- "All these extreme things (stunts) that they are doing are all like a new culture cause they can publish it, because they can show it to a lot of people."

It’s not the internet that is at blame…it boils down to one thing…young boys do dumb things, they always have & they always will…it’s just that now we have video cameras at our disposal.

It made me think of a time when I was around 11 or 12, and I had one of thos scooters that had little BMX-like tires and bicycle handlebars on it…I was going down a hill in Brooklyn, a hill in an alleyway we called “Suicide Hill” because it was so steep, and I thought it would be fun to see how good the brakes were on my scooter…so I built up speed, flew down the hill, slammed on the brakes on the handlebars, and lets just say the brakes were damn good…I went flying a few feet…to the excitement of all my buddies. If only we had a video camera for that. This led to us taking calls from the H-Holes about the dumb thing you did that ended with you in the emergency room:

Nick – At 11 he Climbed the outside part of the escalator at the mall…made it to the top, slipped and fell on his face from the second story to the first story.

Jason – when he was 10 on the 4th of July…had a bottle rocket war, used a cap gun to fire bottle rockets…the bottle rocket got stuck in the gun & went off & he got second degree burns in his eye.

Tim – when he was 11, his brother tried to jump an 8 foot creek on a BMX bike…only there was sand by the creek so he flew off the bike landed in the creek!

The funny part was that all the calls were about a time when we were around 11 years old.
Speaking of doing dumb things...I am so excited for the new Jackass 3D movie coming out...based on this clip alone, it's gonna kick ass!!!

Today’s Video Blog features us checking on Mono-Nick to see how his nerves are while running the board, and then the Rev & I channel our inner 11 year old & act dumb while listening to the Loud & Local band Of The Week – Drown Mary.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

09/17/2010 5:12AM
STP BLOG 09/17/10 "E.R."
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09/17/2010 9:10AM
Hey we should not let kids watch Mythbusters either. If they can not read or listen to the warnings on Jackass. ;)
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