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STP Blog 03/23/10 We are off today, but I blog anyway...

So if you listen to the station, you have been hearing me talk about Starbucks, I am a fan of Starbucks coffee…I drink it daily…I won’t say what I drink because you’ll make fun of me…ok, fine…I drink a "Non fat soy vanilla latte with 2 pumps of vanilla."  I honestly don’t know what that means I just memorized it so when they ask I sound like I know what I am talking about...that is until I say I want it in a medium sized cup, thus blowing my cover as a coffee genius. My woman gets that type of drink at Starbucks & I tried it once & loved it.  Recently I went down to the Starbucks in the Sodo district & hung out with Mikey, a Brewmaster at Starbucks, and he taught me some things about some of their blends…check it out…

I am currently waiting for one of my car tires to be patched…I have some time to kill, so I guess I will share with ya how my weekend has been…we are off today, but will return tomorrow morning as BJ is celebrating his 25th Wedding Anniversary…congrats BJ….I hope you didn’t get drunk & fall & slam your skull on the toilet…….again!!!

Speaking of weddings, this past weekend my lady & I took our engagement photos…honestly, I never knew such a thing existed, but apparently you take photos to celebrate getting engaged…and no, get your mind out of the gutter…not those types of pictures.  The pix are for the wedding book I think, and also to display at the wedding, and I learned something…I am not very photogenic.  Ok, I’m kidding…I always knew that…I suck at taking pictures…I always look like a goof…but then again, picture or not, I look like a goof.  What I learned is that there is a sick beach in Federal Way…it’s called Dash Point Park, and I never knew it existed.  Check it out if you have time…if you are into water, and sand, and stuff.  Plus there is a Lobster restaurant there called the Lobster Shop…sadly, my woman and I were still on the cleanse, so I had to stare at the shop as I ate my small…chocolate brown pellet (while pretending it was a lobster tail).  This was a handy bit of info to store in my brain, as this weekend my parents told me that after 13 plus years of me living out here, they are finally coming to visit.  I am so stoked.  My mom is the person that got me hooked on lobster, and for us…lobster is an obsession.  So much so that whenever I talk to my mom & say that we are going out to get dinner, she will say in her Brooklyn NY accent: “Whatcha gonna get?  Lobstah?” I absolutely love my parents, so I am glad I can now take them out for a “Lobstah” dinner!!!

This cleanse my fiancé & I have been on is finally done…no more celery, shakes, chocolate pellets (I just realized that sounds really gross, like a euphemism for something else—chocolate pellet), and cleanse drinks.  It wasn’t that bad, and for those that have been asking…it was the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse.  It worked…I dropped 11 pounds total…granted I will probably gain 6 of those pounds back today, but hopefully if I continue working out & eating better , I will be able to keep most of the weight off.  I actually haven’t been eating that bad, we eat pretty healthy, but my issue is I always go for seconds, and after that I look at my girls plate & say “Are you gonna eat that?”  Yesterday was the toughest day of the cleanse, all I wanted to eat was Papa John’s Pizza.  Not just any pizza…Papa John’s.  And it was like we were being tested by the cleanse gods, because not only did we drive by 2 Papa John’s during the day…but then drove by a delivery driver loading Papa John’s pizza in his car.  Never before did I want to car jack someone than I did yesterday. 

Over the weekend, we went and saw that new film The Bounty Hunter.  It’s a good date flick.  It stars Gerard Butler, and Jennifer Aniston…it’s a fun film to go with your lady too.  Definitely not a film to go see with the fellas…if that’s the case, go see Repo Men.  This got me thinking…a couple of things 2 guys should never go to…a date film, and the mall.  We were at the Bellevue Mall (or the collection as BJ calls it), and saw 2 guys shopping together…there were no chicks with them…I’m sorry…you can’t do that…it looks dumb.  Unless you are running in to get something quick…if that is the case then you should run the whole time…that way we klnow that you aren’t there to shop…you are just running in to get something, or you just stole something…either way, that is the only acceptable time for 2 men to shop together.

OK…I’ve rambled a lot, and my tire has been fixed…until tomorrow, later!

03/23/2010 5:54AM
STP Blog 03/23/10 We are off today, but I blog anyway...
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03/24/2010 7:45AM
Hi babe. I never comment on these, but its soy with 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla, not non fat soy with vanilla. Silly :) xoxo
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