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STP's 02/26/14 "Godzilla, JT, and Russell!"

I just saw the Godzilla trailer…and as a fan of Godzilla since I was a kid (I had that 2 or 3 foot tall toy that spit fire…and by spit fire I mean you pulled a lever and a plastic flame came out of his mouth), I 100% approve of this trailer!  The Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie was OK at best, but it looks like they might have gotten this one right!  Plus, Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) is in it!  Check it out!

More and more stuff seems to surface that makes me dig Justin Timberlake more and more.  Look, he’s no Affleck, but I would put him up on my list of celebs that I think it would be fun to kick ut with.  Did you see this video of him calling out a fan that was flipping him off from the second row? 

That’s too funny…I love the fact that she probably paid a “G-Spot” for that ticket, and she flipped him the bird during the show!
How lucky are we Hawks fans to have such an awesome QB?  Russell Wilson was all over the TV yesterday, and he handles himself like a dude that has been in the league for 15 years…what a great representation for our city.  He was on Seth Meyers new late night show, and he was great on there…

I really dig the way Seth Meyers does his interviews…he comes off like an everyday guy that is enthusiastic about who he is speaking with! I know everyone is showing a ton of love for Fallon and his Tonight Show (deservedly so), but I think Seth is going to be great as a late night host as well!
He was also of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, and even though the interviewers were tools, he handled every question like a pro…

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02/26/2014 7:22AM
STP's 02/26/14 "Godzilla, JT, and Russell!"
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