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STP's BLOG 01/03/13 "Donating"

The question of the days seemed to come from a discussion about donating your action to a couple in need. There was a crazy story of a man that was a sperm donor that is being hit up for child support by the government. All because he didn’t go through the proper channels…instead of going to a “bank”, he did it by answering a CraigsList ad…they offered him 50 bucks…and he didn’t take the money, and did it as a favor. What is wrong with this guy? Take the money. BJ asked me why I wouldn’t do them a solid…and my answer: “Have you seen these women?” look…not to sound shallow, BUT…I don’t know these women, and unless it Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis asking me for my stuff to donate…it’s coming at a cost. No pun meant, I swear.
Yesterday we reported on this story of a Tacoma woman who set fire to some of her husband’s belongings because she suspected him of cheating. 32-year-old Jenny Mena was charged with arson yesterday because she piled photographs, a gift box, lingerie and other items on her bedroom floor and set it on fire. LINGERIE!?! Now why would you do that? Unless they were so hot that she thought that could start the fire – waka waka!
This story is an extreme case of jealousy, but what about you? When did jealousy get the best of you or someone you know? Here are some of the texts we got:

arrested for domestic violence 4 him calling me another girls name in bed... don't regret it he was a douche canoe! – Kendra

My ex gf was jealous of smutty TV commercials like Victoria secret's and do forth. I'd never hear the end of it EVER. She had issues

I really liked one of my co-workers, until I found out he was banging another girl at work. I was so pissed I went to Fred Meyer and bought him a card (with my own angry added message) and a cow heart, and left them on his porch. I guess his mom came home and saw them first. Needless to say, he and the chick were scared to death of me after that. Lolololol

my Friend's lady found a bunch of old nude pics from old girlfriends when he was out. She then broke a ton of lightbulbs and put the glass under his bed sheets. He noticed his bed was made and found them first. Craziest s***, I think he's still with her.

It wasn't jealousy, it would be more along the lines of revenge but I peed in a guys Camelback while we were out on a field exercise have come up with a list of the 10 Most Talked About Women of 2012. They scoured TENS OF THOUSANDS of news sources over the course of the year, and found the women who were mentioned the MOST in headlines. This year's queen is HILLARY CLINTON . . . with 26,838 headline mentions. She's followed by MICHELLE OBAMA and LADY GAGA. Here's the list . . .

1. Hillary Clinton, 26,838
2. Michelle Obama, 24,451
3. Lady Gaga, 22,058
4. Lindsay Lohan, 19,828
5. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 13,171
6. Beyonce, 10,954
7. Kate Middleton, 10,433
8. Rihanna, 10,355
9. Angelina Jolie, 10,141
10. Jennifer Lopez, 9,683

Forbes released a list of the most talked about women in the world…based on this…finish this sentence: “I once got people talking when I did _____”? Here are some texts we received:

I got people talking when I wore my utility kilt to the construction site. My boss eventually said I couldn't wear it to work anymore because of L&I rules. FYI I'm an electrician.

I got people talking when I put a chicken mask on at a sounders game. Also putting on a Santa suit and picking up garbage. RED

I had my high school girlfriend living in my closet for months! Everyone at school knew, but my parents had no idea.

I was leading pt for my section yesterday and in the middle of the conditions drill out of nowhere i puked all over the floor and on one of the soldiers pt jacket that was on the floor... Needless to say people are still talking about it

In High school I forgot to take my hunting rifle out of the back of my truck and my truck got searched randomly that day. Im a good kid and never had been in trouble before. Needless to say I was not aloud back to school. Oh and I was walked out of class durring break in hand cuffs! Haha

I got high on pvc cement in high school and earned the nickname "giggles the king". :King

I work at a bingo hall in Mountlake Terrace. I hate the customers so much that I pooped in the toilet tank

One time i ate a live gardner snake then i skinny dipped in a mud puddle at church. Meth is a hell of a drug! #YOLO

I once dropped a DOOKIE in my boss's desk drawer! He still doesnt know it was me!

I was talk of school for dating class mates aunt senior year in high school. She is now my wife and 15 years older than me

I totally forgot to share this yesterday…I filmed this while on vacation…Check this out..near my house in Puyallup there is a house that has lights synchronized to music. You tune into their "radio station", and enjoy the show. Pretty awesome!

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01/03/2013 8:26AM
STP's BLOG 01/03/13 "Donating"
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