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STP's BLOG 01/03/14 "Passing Out"

As a guy that is known for passing out a lot…I LOVE seeing that I’m not the only one.  This video is EPIC! Brooke Graham is a reporter in Salt Lake City from KUTV (CBS affiliate), and she  is the latest viral video sensation as she passed out during an interview.   The best part is that after she passed out, she came through and finished the interview! Give this gal an Emmy for this!

I feel for as there was once a time that I was live on the air and I passed out as well…if you have never seen this video, it’s a must watch!

Everyone is going nuts about the Seahawks…from Playoff tix selling out in a minute, to tons of people getting in line to get one of those personalized Seahawks license plate (I need to do that as well)…but oddly enough…one of the things that many people are going nuts about is this:
 photo 36792de2-d421-42b0-b661-9cc076350937_zps13dc314a.png
Why are people going nuts about this beanie?  Well, it’s the one that the players wear, and they are sold out everywhere!  I mean everywhere…trust me, I tried…that is, unless you are willing to spend double or triple the price on one.  Which even though I said I wouldn’t do, I did.  Once I got my Hawks playoff tickets, it was eating at me that I didn’t have the hat…I became obsessed with wanting the hat, so I caved in and spent about $50 for a $22 hat! 

Iam sure I’m not the only one that has spent way too much on something…just because I wanted it.  The texts started pouring in:
I spent 350 for a pro issue a2000 baseball glove to use to play softball . The glove is a super rare model called the 1781 .

$300 bucks to ACDC at the Tacoma dome! 6 rows from the stage! Well worth it!
I spent over $800 on my first PS3 and it was used. Jokes on me though it broke a few years ago and I'm on my 3rd one now

Every Seahawks game I go to I pay at least 3 times the face value! But it's always worth it! Go Hawks!

In Afghanistan you are not allowed to consume alcohol Well we pulled security on a german passenger plane I paid the flight attendant $45. For a bottle of beer

I just spent $17 for the final season of Breaking Bad on DVD, and it will be on Netflix for free in a few months.

One time I spend $1,000 to see an escort for 1 hour. Very expensive but I couldn't resist. She was beyond gorgeous

I love this video…If you were like me, and watching the NHL Winter Classic on New Year’s day, there was a moment that made me laugh out loud. They went to the much loved (and by loved I mean despised by hockey fans) Pierre McGuire down by the ice to talk about how cold it was…so cold that the ref’s whistle FROZE! And then this gem happened…



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01/03/2014 9:04AM
STP's BLOG 01/03/14 "Passing Out"
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