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STP's BLOG 01/04/12 "Mittens!"

Ok…this morning we were talking about names…apparently Kevin & Mandy are bad names to give your kids as they are the least attractive names. I just don’t get how they determine this crap…I’ve met a few Mandy’s in my day, and I don’t recall them being unattractive. Mandy Moore is pretty hot after all. As far as attractive names: Jacob and Charlotte. BJ thinks Jacob is up there because of those Twilight films…if that is the case, shame on you. A huge “shame on you” to any man that lets their woman name their kid after a shirtless werewolf or vampire (I’m not sure which one is which in that pile of a movie).
Speaking of names…this is one of my favorite stories of the day…according to a new survey by "Vanity Fair" and "60 Minutes", a full 2% of the U.S. population thinks that "Mitt" is actually short for…"Mittens." They believe his full legal name is Mittens Romney. HaHaHa!!! Another 2% believe his real first name is Gromit, but Mitt is his middle name, and it is not short for anything. Mitt’s real first name is Willard. I love this…Mittens!
Now those are fun stories, but this, my friends, is the best story of today:
Last Thursday afternoon, 34-year-old Edward Brown of Chicago, Illinois was at a movie theater, watching a 4:00 P.M. showing of "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked". Which is rated G. Anyway, about 30 minutes into the movie, Edward took all his clothes off… stood up from his seat in the front row, and turned and faced the crowd which obviously was made up of parents and children. Wow. Can I say…WOW!!! How great would it have been if he then said: “Who wants butter on their popcorn?” One texter had a great line: “ maybe he thought the chipmunks wanted some nuts.” Look, I get those female Chipmunks are cute, but c’mon buddy…keep it in your pants! The cops got there QUICKLY and arrested him, and Edward gave them his BIZARRE excuse. He told them he hadn't even bought a ticket to "Chipwrecked". Edward said a woman let him into the theater and told him to sit in the front row, get naked, and get ready to have sex with her and do some drugs together. Now that sounds like a party! Yes, according to his story, the woman… who the cops never found… wanted to get high and have sex in the middle of the afternoon in the front row of "Chipwrecked". Edward was arrested for sexual exploitation of children and disorderly conduct.
There is a new website called It's a marketplace where you can sell all the painful items left over after a break up, and tell your break up story to give the items some context. If you haven't recently been dumped, it's a good site to check out because people are selling some pretty valuable stuff at good discounts just to get rid of it. I went to the site…it’s pretty fun to browse…one person is selling a Mac Book for $250 bucks off…a woman is selling a wedding dress for a fraction of the original price, engagement rings are cheaper, etc…it’s almost better than eBAY haha!!!!
Thanks to this story…we want to know: After the break up…what were you left with, or what did you lose? Here are the texts we got:
All i have left is her bra lol
My ex left a BDSM sex cusion the size of a love seat. It appeared in my storage locker when she left. We never used it as acouple, she did as a whore.
I've been left with everything from jewelry to teddy bears to their clothing. Its all in a bin labeled the ex files. I plan on burning it at my bachelorette party. Cammi from Tacoma
After my break up I was left with her kid.... Yes she left her kid with me for the last 3 years.
Full six pack of rare billy beer
An ex took my $900 dog when he left
I got my current girlfriends ex boyfriends really nice stereo
He left his dog....a 150 pound bull mastiff.
After the break up she took my brand new Xbox and even the blankets off my bed all while I was at work. I froze my ass off sleeping that night
I found a thong under my bed. That my ex left behind. she also left skidmarks behind as well she must have been in a hurry lol


Eric M. posted this on BJ’s Facebook wall:

"Pootie Tang" and "Hot Rod" make IFC's list of 10 most underrated comedy movies of all time. Thought you and STP might like that. 

We checked out the link, and writes:  Here’s a quick list of under noticed, under seen or underrated comedies that should not be dismissed just because they don’t have huge cult followings.

1. “The Jerk” (1979) -- It’s Steve Martin at the top of his wild and crazy game, before he transitioned into the droll intellectual aura he cultivates today.

2. “Johnny Dangerously” (1984) – Michael Keaton cut his teeth with comedies like this truly oddball gangster parody, also featuring the best stuff you’ll ever see out of Joe Piscopo.

3. “The Ten” (2006) -- The film features Gretchen Mol having a fling in Mexico with Jesus Christ, Winona Ryder’s delirious tryst with a ventriloquist’s dummy, and a song and dance number with a great deal of naked men.

4. “The Foot Fist Way” (2006) -- For those of you who might be wondering where the hell Danny McBride came from, go watch this low-budget movie about a North Carolina taekwondo instructor Fred Simmons and you’ll be enlightened.

5. “Burn After Reading” (2008) – There’s something sublimely wonderful about taking all the banal story elements of a by-the-numbers crime thriller movie and treating them seriously, but populating the cast of characters with the biggest stars in the world playing absolutely ridiculous morons.

6. “Run Ronnie Run!” (2001) – Made by David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, this film features guest-star cameos from all the comic talents that “Mr. Show” helped to launch, like Jack Black, Brian Posehn and Patton Oswalt. 

7. “Pootie Tang” (2001) -- It’s a truly dumb comedy about an incomprehensible celebrity superstar named Pootie Tang who doubles as a blaxploitation-style hero of the masses who fights people with his belt.

8. “Hot Rod” (2007) -- If this film was released one year later, it would not be on this list. It’d be right up there with “Anchorman” as everybody’s favorite, but it slightly jumped the gun on the public’s full-on embrace of Andy Samberg.

9. “Black Dynamite” (2009) -- The blaxploitation genre has been parodied to death – but this is the gold standard.

10. “Hudson Hawk” (1991) -- This one takes a lot of crap for bombing as hard as it did, but when people go into a Bruce Willis movie marketed as another “Die Hard” and get this loony-tunes slapstick yukfest, you can see why they’d be disappointed.

I’ve seen most of these movies…and I agree with the films on the list…obviously Pootie Tang should be #1, and I would’ve put the one film that I appeared in on this list too:  The Jerkbeast.  Never heard of it?  You need to watch this...yes, that is me (with hair) at 22 seconds in on the trailer!!!

Ok…so IFC put out a list of the most underrated comedies of all time… What do you think is the most underrated comedy of all time? Here are some of the texts…

The most under rated comedy is McGrugger, so funny and lots of good inside jokes to use with friends -Tim sedro woolley

Freddy Got Fingered.....tom green and rip love it....a bit wrong but funnier than shiznit....

The movie waiting. I thought Ryan Reynolds did a phenomenal job

Underrated Comedy of all time Big Trouble in Little China, I'm a Get You Sucka.

Dogma, I don't know many people who have seen it but it is one of my all time favorites. -Marcus G.

Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk. My wife hates it so I know it's a GREAT movie!! Zac from Snohomish

Zombie land that movie is great !!!!!

Brain Candy. Hilarious movie from the Kids in the Hall!

UFC with Weird Al.

Tallidega nights

Dumb and dumber!!!

Super Troopers


Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge! Our intern Hot Kyle has 60 seconds to find a complete stranger to do the Chicken dance with him...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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STP's BLOG 01/04/12 "Mittens!"
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