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STP's BLOG 01/04/13 "Go Hawks"

Two words for ya:


I am so excited for the game this Sunday…playoffs baby! Maybe I’m delusional…but I feel like good things can happen for the Hawks….not for just this Sunday, but for the whole playoff run! Could you imagine if Russellmania, Beast Mode, and The Legion Of Boom lead the Hawks to their first Super Bowl. I have goose bumps writing this!

So on both Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson are on Twitter offering an autographed jersey to the best picture of someone rocking the Seahawks Blue on Blue Friday…so of course I had to tweet them this picture of Lulu and I rocking our Hawks jerseys:

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The website, Your Tango (relationship website), recently did an article about the 3 things a woman does that men hate. The article says, quote, “Yelling isn't the only thing you do that men hate.You may be getting on his nerves and not even know it.” The following are the three things they list that women do that men hate:

1. Unfavorable comparisons. We absolutely detest being unfavorably compared to your father, your brother, your brother-in-law, your ex, the guy who took your virginity or any other man who's seen you naked. It makes us feel bad about ourselves and you.

2. Suggestions for improvement. Your attempts to "make us over" leave us baffled and annoyed. If you're feeling we're being overly sensitive in handling your constructive criticism, think about how you would react to helpful suggestions on how you might upgrade your body or improve your sense of style.

3. The phrase, "You should know why I'm upset." We don't. If you're angry with us and we don't know why, it does not mean we don't care about you or your feelings… your unwillingness to illuminate us is both frustrating and counter-productive.

hate What is something your partner does that you absolutely hate? Here are some of the texts we received:

The answer to what my woman is doing that I hate: Breathing! Hahaha!

Doesn't clean up after herself

She never effing listens to me when I give suggestions or advice, even when she knows I'm right. And she never makes me a sandwich.

My wife makes me feel guilty for not going to church.

Organization. She has none. Put it back in the right effin place!!

She farts during sex! From the g man

My hubby can't figure out how to shut cabinet hard is it to close an freaking cabinet

I hate when I can hear my husband eat his food. It's ridiculously loud!! All I hear is his saliva swirling in his mouth. It's gross. Men, cut it out! -Kiranda, 25. Lakewood

I hate it when my boyfriend talks to me during the puzzles on wheel of fortune!! 30 minutes, can it!!

Today's video blog features my view during Beat The Producer in the sound proof room. Sometimes BJ and Rev argue after the questions are asked, and I just have to stand there and wait and watch.

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01/04/2013 7:51AM
STP's BLOG 01/04/13 "Go Hawks"
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