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STP's BLOG 01/06/14 "I Got The Beanie - Go Hawks!"

I’m sure everyone was dying to know this after our chat on air last Friday…
“Did Steve get his Seahawks beanie?”
The answer…Hell yes I did…and even though I paid double for it…the moment I put this glorious hat on my head I knew it was worth every penny!
 photo seahawkshatwithlulu_zps814edf17.jpg
Over the weekend we watched my in-laws pup Trixie…if you were ever wondering what that is like when you get Lulu and Trix together?  This is what happens:

01/06/2014 7:47AM
STP's BLOG 01/06/14 "I Got The Beanie - Go Hawks!"
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01/06/2014 9:28AM
Surviving the Game
Surviving the Game was filmed in Wenatchee in the early 1990's...I worked on the set during my summer vacation from Central WA Univ. Shawn in Washington DC.
04/11/2014 8:57PM
Those beanies are back in stock with SB champs logo...
Only 25.00....get them quick!!!!
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