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STP's BLOG 01/07/13 "#MoffittIsMyHomeboy"

Man…I think my heart is still racing from that Hawks game! What a great come from behind victory! So many great moments…from Marshawn saving Wilson’s fumble to Wilson’s sweet block on Beast Mode’s TD run. But the real question at hand, what the hell was up with grass at the Redskins stadium? Did they forget to water the grass or something? Geez! Man, I can’t wait for next week…and what an awesome weekend of sports. A. The Hawks won their first playoff game…B. The NHL ended their lock-out so we will have a season, and C. USA won the gold in the junior championships in hockey…beating Sweden 3-1.

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What an awesome game, and an awesome moment for USA hockey!
Another highlight from this weekend…I found this sweet Rocky t-shirt:

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Huge thanks to John Moffitt for joining us this morning. John is #74 on the Hawks, and what a funny dude. I love his twtter, @moffitt74 … where the first thing you see is this:

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While on the phone I got him to admit that he stuffed his pants with a sock….priceless! I also love the stuff he tweets…here are some of his better ones:

I think beer companies should go the same route as milk in advertising. No specific brand marketed just an overall message- Got beer

If u don't shock/disgust waiters when u order-ur not john moffitt

If u take more pics with ur food than ur freinds-ur priorities are straight!

Horse shoes?? Are there horse socks?? Is anybody listening to me ??

I hate when people interrupt me when I'm spending time w my cell phone

The most suspenseful moment in life is that second after u hear tires screeching to see if its followed up by a crash and maybe an explosion

Family is an incomplete concept, with beer it becomes complete

Almost fell in the toilet bc the seat was up, but then my fat ass was like-I got you!

Tweeted after the greenbay game: I stubbed my toe and instantly became furious at @ShowtimeTate, it's just fashionable right now u know.

Whoever invented yoga pants should be given a million dollars every month

Just found out that earls and joeys aren't competitors, jointly owned..thats illuminati

Twitter is like my father, always seeking its approval and never living up to its expectations.. Bet u thought I'd tweet on the draft huh

Check out John on Michael Robinson’s You Tube show – The Real Rob report, which is all about the fun the team has in the locker room…here is the most recent episode:

According to a new survey, one in three men think they're more attractive after they've had a few drinks . . . but only one in eight women agree. In fact, two out of five women think men become LESS attractive when they drink. One in four men think alcohol improves their performance in bed . . . but HALF of women say that's not true. Two in five guys think they're funnier and dance better when they're drunk, but one in three women disagree.

Based on this...finish this sentence: "I was wrong, but I thought I could do _____ when I was drunk". Here are the texts we received:

I thought I could be married while drunk, didn't work. (lasted 2 years)

I Thought it would be a good idea to jump off a roof onto a trampoline when I was drunk. Tore almost all the ligaments in my knee

Ride the mechanical bull....not

I thought I could spiderman crawl up the side of my apartment complex into my 3rd floor balcony. A three story fall, broken leg and hip later, I realized I couldnt.

I thought I could skateboard when I was drunk!! Gravity proved me wrong!! :) Faith

My husband thought he could play the drums butt naked in our garage at 3 am . The two officers who showed up and threw him against my car didnt think so lol and yes he was completely naked haha

Today's Video Blog is all about Monster Jam at the Tacoma Dome. I got to go on Friday, and it was AWESOME! One of the highlights was Max D – especially when Maximum Destruction flipped over, and I caught it on video!

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01/07/2013 9:50AM
STP's BLOG 01/07/13 "#MoffittIsMyHomeboy"
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