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STP's BLOG 01/07/14 "WILSON!"

Man…I cannot wait for Saturday for the Hawks playoff game…yesterday I was on You Tube, and came across this awesome video about the evolution of the “WILSON” chant you hear at Seahawks games.  Oddly enough, we can thank the band Phish for this.  Yup, the fellas from Vermont gave us the chant.  How so?  Watch this video…it’s a great piece done about their song “Wilson” and the connection to Russell Wilson and the Seahawks

Last night was the Old School edition of WWE’s Monday Night Raw, and I always love watching this episode as it’s great seeing some of the guys from back in the day…guys like Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, etc…but last night…all of us old school wrasslin’ fans were beyond stoked with this surprise appearance…

For those that have followed Jake’s career…he’s been through some crappy times, but thanks to DDP he has turned his life around, so it was beyond cool to see him looking healthy and back in the ring.  Now the WWE has to put him in the Royal Rumble…that would be the ultimate moment! 
Jake surely looks a lot better than the time he came to our studio a few years back…this is one of my favorite pictures I have ever had taken with a celebrity…
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01/07/2014 8:27AM
STP's BLOG 01/07/14 "WILSON!"
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01/07/2014 9:55PM
Wilson chant
What a kick a$$ story! Love it! Wiiiiilsoooon!!! Go Hawks
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