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STP's BLOG 01/09/12 "LuLu Poo Poo'd"

You have to love the Rock-A-Holics when the second we open up the text program where we get the text messages at about 5:59 am…we get texts like this:
Tebow Tbags Toppy!!!
Suck it topshelf! Big ben rapelisburger is a tool
Does toppy have a tebowner?
Hey toppy!! how does it feel to be tebowed?!
Let us drink in Toppy's misery! TeBOWed!
Yeah broncos
Hey toppy!!!! How 'bout them fighting Tebows?!!?!! Steelers SUCK!! Woo!!!!!
It’s almost like these cats were waiting for 6 am today to rub it in Toppy’s face…and for that, I thank you!!!!! How awesome is it that Tim Tebow & the Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers? I know there a lot of Tebow haters out there, but I have been loving the Tebow story. The guy seems like a good dude, and it’s interesting how people keep beating him up for his faith…well, he got the last laugh and played his best game of his career…winning the game in OT on an 88 yard pass to start off (and finish) over time. The best, and most ironic, part…Tim wears “3:16” on the black strips under his eyes (for John 3:16), and he threw for 316 yards yesterday! So now the Broncos take on the Patriots next Saturday…let’s hope that Tebow and the gang do the same to BJ’s Pats like he did to the Steelers.
So over the weekend was the 3rd annual “No Pants” light rail event in Seattle…this all started 10 years ago with New York being the first group of nimrods that think this is cool and funny. Now there are 56 cities doing it. When I read that Seattle-ites did it for the 3rd straight year…it brought me back to year one, when our then-intern Annabelle went on the light rail with Vicky B. and Tahiti Steve to chat with the people who were riding public transportation without pants.

You know those “Happiness Is….” Posters and pix that people have? I want to come up with my own line called “Happiness is NOT….”. My first submission would be this:
“Happiness is Not when you wake up to the feeling of dog poop in your bed.”
Yup…on Saturday morning our new pup, LuLu, poo poo’d in bed…on my side…hell in the spot where Lucy typically sleeps…I woke up at around 6 am…and tried to get Lucy to lie in her spot…I patted on the bed to get her to go there…only to pat in little turds!!!! GROSS!!!!!! I then jump up and yell…”LuLu Pooped!”, which freaked her out, and then she pee’d on my bed! The problem is though…no matter how mad I get at her, she is so ridiculously cute that I can’t stay mad for very long…here she is yesterday enjoying her first day ever at a dog park:


Finally I got to see Captain America over the weekend…that is an AWESOME movie…my wife doesn’t even like super hero/comic book movies, and she loved it too…I am officially excited for The Avengers!

BJ shared a story from this weekend where he needed advice…He took his family to a restaurant to celebrate his wife Cathy's 50th birthday. First off he made reservations for 7 pm, and they didn’t get seated until 7:30…and then he pre-arranged a birthday candle dessert thing, and then that was screwed up. When they left the place, BJ and his family talked about their experience, and he said that due to the customer service, he is never going back there again. His wife said that they should just tell them, not be angry but just tell them before they go again. BJ’s son says, it never does any good to complain you're only going make them miserable and you should just be quiet and be happy with what you got. Finally, his daughter didn't even want to get involved because these kind of conversations make her head spin & there's never a winner (BJ’s daughter rules…great move ducking out of this discussion!).
So BJ wanted the advice of the Rock-A-Holics… What would have you done when you got bad service? Retailers & Service workers, what should he have done? Here are some of the texts we got:
Don't complain you will get the waiting experience like extra seasoning you wouldn't want
I once left a $1 tip in an upside down glass of water. To get that $1 the staff made a helluva mess. I've never been back.
BJ, I've been a line cook and server. You did the right thing. Money talks and you shouldn't have to coach a restaurant into providing the service you want.
I've been in the business for ten years, You should have complained at the the of service. so the restartant could have tried to correct the problems so when you left you would have been a satisfied customer.
You did the right thing. Left 20% tip and didn't complain. Servers get treated like shit everyday. It's your choice whether to go back. I like to try at least 3 times to find consistency. Unless the place F-ing sucked.
Leave no tip, and on the receipt write " poor service" in the tip column
Get over it, you whining tool! Then burn the place to the ground!

Upper decker...all toilets
Called someone fat on her receipt.

Carmen Tisch is a 36-year-old woman from Colorado, she and some friends were at a Museum in Denver last Thursday afternoon, and she appeared to be drunk. She came across a nine-and-a-half-foot tall, 13-foot-wide abstract oil painting and that's when the trouble started. For some reason, Carmen pulled down her pants, repeatedly punched and scratched the painting, leaned against it with her pants down, and slid down to the floor. Museum officials say the painting is valued at $30 MILLION, and Carmen did about $10,000 worth of damage. Wow!!! First off…here is a pic of the painting…do you think this is worth 30 million dollars?


If you answered, “Yes” to the question if this is worth 30 million…you need to get your head checked. This is why I don’t get abstract art…it’s just a mess on canvas…the funny thing is that I don’t know if this was before or after the butt rub! Could the butt rub really make this thing look any worse? Unless this was a painting of an apple, and the butt rub turned it into that mess. Hell…this texter agrees with me:
Have you seen much abstract art? Let's be honest. A drunk chick rubbing her butt on it probably increased the value.
This story is funny as it is…but it gets better…or worse depending on who you ask. While Carmen was rubbing her backside against the painting, she also emptied her bladder!!! Officials say that it appears she just urinated on herself, and none of it got on the painting. Although a little yellow couldn’t hurt in that painting if you ask me! Carmen was charged with felony criminal mischief and is still in jail.
Based on this…what is the worst damage you have caused? What was it, and what did it cost? Here are the texts we got:
Hey guys! Last year I bought a brand new 2011 toyota toyota Tacoma...had it for 3 weeks when one day on my way to work only a few streets from my house, A guy pulled out in front of me with his kid in the car. I was doing the speed limit which was 30 so with literally no time to spare. I swerved out of the way to miss him causing me to lose control, When I crashed through a sign, through a fence and into a tree in somebody's yard... total amount of damage was around 35,000 for everything money out of ny pocket after everything though he admitted fault to the cops.
A buddy of mine at school owns a mustang gt. at a party some guys decided they didn't like him and beat him up then went for his car. They proceeded to kick in every panel within the car, broke windows, and ripped out a door panel. His hood was broke inwards and no external panel was salvageable. Over 10k in damage. Unfortunately I wasn't there to mess those kids up
When I was 10 I lit a tree in my backyard on fire which eventually spread to the house next door. I cost my parents a couple hundred thousand dollars.
A friend turned 50 got his tongue pierced but didn't get the smaller barbell when swelling went down When playing v-ball he bit it causing $6000 in dental work
The broncos damaged the steelers pride and the cost of that is priceless. Broncos for life
I wrecked a truck when I worked at a car dealership. Between that truck and the one that I hit I did over $9,500 in damage. I kept my job though.
4 years ago hwy 2 before Leavenworth 3rd day on the job company truck an earth slide over my truck big accident $30000 truck to the garbage and broken arm but I didn't get fired
I rolled my friends rental car witch he opted out of insurance for after we flip the car we will get back on its wheels drove around the corner and caught on fire cost 16,000 dollars and second degree arson felony charge
My little brother flooded a new construction home and caused 30000 in damage
On my most recent deployment to Iraq I backed an uparmored humvee into a Ford explorer and cost me $1300

Today's Video Blog features us sampling Toppy's chocolate balls!!!! Also we have 2 listeners in studio to watch the show and on the Vlog they promote a wrestling show they hope to be in on Sunday January 29th. Equilibrium Pro Wrestling will be holding a Free Event at the B&I on S. Tacoma Way in Tacoma, WA Show starts at 5 pm. Good luck Fellas!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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01/09/2012 7:22AM
STP's BLOG 01/09/12 "LuLu Poo Poo'd"
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