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STP's BLOG 01/10/13 "Durant's Hacked Phone"

You got to love the old “my phone was hacked” excuse whenever someone posts something messed up on Twitter.  However, this one seems a little more believable…hell for all I know it’s another lie, but for some reason Kevin Durant has never come off as a fool, which makes what happened on his Twitter page a little nutty!  Yesterday he posted a picture of him blowing smoke…it looked like he was paying homage to his former hometown of Seattle and partaking in some 420 action…
 photo durant2_zps94eec031.jpg
He then went on Twitter and A. Said his phone was hacked, and 2. That wasn’t pot smoke…it was from a Hookah!  Read his tweets though…if he is being honest, how the hell does something like that happen? 
 photo durant1_zps7312228b.png
That’s pretty messed up…I’ve never heard of such a thing. know…as I write this, I change my mind…I think he’s full of crap.  I’m doubted the “hacked” story…he must have learned how to make up a good story from the owner of the Thunder Clay Bennett.  “I swear my phone is hacked” = “I swear I’m keeping the Sonics in Seattle”.

Today's Video Blog is a review of the brand new XBOX ONE.  Thanks to Microsoft for sending us the XBOX ONE to check out, so we had our resident gamer, the Rev, give it a test looks awesome!

Here is the same VLOG if you are on your phone:


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01/10/2014 5:21AM
STP's BLOG 01/10/13 "Durant's Hacked Phone"
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