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STP's BLOG 01/10/13 "The Book Of Mormon"

Last night my wife and I went to a musical, and it was a musical unlike anything I am sure you have ever seen.  I'm not exaggerating about this…the musical we saw was hands down the funniest, most ridiculous, entertaining show I have EVER seen. We saw The Book Of Mormon – this is the play that Matt & Trey from South Park made. Imagine being in a live rendition of a South park episode...that was what it was like. Well written, great story, hilarious content, awesome set/props, and the music was well executed by the orchestra. I now get why it has won multiple Tony Awards. The play started with this song…which hooked us in immediately; I guess they also performed at the Tony Awards show, which shockingly (I know)…I missed:

This play is running at the Paramount until January 20th…tickets are selling fast, so get them…I promise you that you will love it. My face was hurting from laughing so much. Get tix and info at

Miss Alabama Katherine Webb did an interview on the "Today" show yesterday, to talk about what Brent Musburger said about her during the BCS game Monday night. If you haven’t seen it, here is Musberger talking about Katherine, and who is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.

ESPN issued an apology for announcer Brent Musburger's comments and here is Katherine’s talking about what happened, and she said the apology wasn't necessary...

Huge props to Miss Alabama, I love that she said that an apology wasn’t needed for what Brent Musberger said about her…and basically that people are making a big deal over nothing. So based on this…When it comes to something that you have done in your life…finish this sentence: “I don’t understand why people made a big deal out of _____.”

I dont understand why people make a big deal out of me not liking my brothers girlfriend. She is a complete mess and manipulator and people still talk about me not liking her. –Christina

I dont understand why people made a big deal over name brand clothing in highschool. From jessica in Everett

Why do ppl gon on about my hair? grew it out when I found out mom had cancer, but she doesn't need my hair so I'm donating to LocksOfLove. What's the big deal??

I dont understand why my ex wife my a big deal of me sleeping with my co-worker. I still came home that night.

When I took over the department at the hospital that I work that I've called all my employees together and told them that I'm an A-hole. i told them before they started saying it behind my back because I would not take any excuses for failure to complete tasks in reasonable time. Bosses did Not agree with what I stated to the employees. After that it was smooth sailing at work for about six months.

A new survey from a British magazine has come up with the 10 things men and women hate most about their partner.

What women hate most about the men in their lives:
1. They're immature.
2. They dress like a bum.
3. They're thoughtless.
4. They hate to go shopping.
5. They don't do any housework.
6. They leave the toilet seat up.
7. They won't obey their simple house rules.
8. They don't show any interest in the things that THEY like.
9. They buy lame Christmas or birthday presents.
10. They watch too much sports.

What men hate most about the women in their lives:
1. They take too long to get ready.
2. They shop too much.
3. They spend too much on haircuts.
4. They nag about housework.
5. They watch girly shows like soap operas.
6. They're bad at parking.
7. They get upset when you criticize their cooking.
8. They don't notice when you finally DO do some housework.
9. They start conversations with the phrase, "You never listen to me."
10. They have long phone conversations with their mothers or friends.
What about you? What is that one habit that you absolutely hate most in your partner? Here are some of the texts we got:

I hate that she always feels the need to correct my grammar. If you know what I meant, let it go. -​The Fremont Viking (Bjorn)

Back seat driving drives me nutz bro!

His clothes. He wears army jackets (same THREE every day) and isn't even in the army!

She wants to know everything, and acts like she does know everything
The one habit I hate the most in my fiancee is that he slurps and smacks while he is is Soooo gross to me.

I hate that every light in the house has to be on

Not sure if you call it a habit, but I hate how stressed out my wife gets over small or unimportant things.

I really hate how the girlfriend judges every other woman she sees. Picks apart what they are wearing and how they look all the time.

I hate it when my hubby tries on my underwear to be funny... thongs arent for men because they dont whipe as good as they should after going #2

Today's video blog features my new favorite song -- "Booty Pop" by Albert.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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01/10/2013 7:51AM
STP's BLOG 01/10/13 "The Book Of Mormon"
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