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STP's BLOG 01/12/12 "Feel The Steel!"

According to a new study, the average dog causes almost 2,000 family fights over the course of its life. Yes, man’s best friend will cause battles with you and your spouse! The average dog lives 12.8 years and causes 156 fights every year … that's an average of one fight every 2.3 days. The fights aren't always big…but they're still fights. The survey also found a list of the top 20 fights caused by dogs. Here they are, in order.
1. What to do with the dog when you're going out.
2. Who should walk the dog.
3. Whether the dog should be allowed on the bed.
4. Whether the dog should be allowed upstairs.
5. Who should clean up the dog poop in the backyard.
6. Being too harsh on the dog.
7. Letting the dog on the couch.
8. Spending too much money on the dog.
9. Training the dog.
10. Feeding the dog from the table.
11. Who should babysit or look after the dog.
12. Grooming.
13. Damage caused by the dog.
14. Who chose to get the dog in the first place.
15. Who cleans up when the dog makes a mess in the house.
16. Who cleans up when the dog throws up.
17. Treating the dog too much like a human.
18. Allowing the dog into rooms it's not allowed in.
19. Children's toys being eaten.
20. Shoes being chewed.
So the Average dog causes almost 2000 family fights…when has a pet of yours caused misery in your life? Here are the texts:
Dropped my 5 pound havanese from 1 foot in the air and popped his knee put of socket... $1300 mistake...
My roommates cat leaves a nice pile of barf 5-6 times a week in the middle of the front room n pee by either the front or backdoor daily. Something about "marking territory from the cats that check out the doors at night" got a burlap sack???? The Roach working on Bellvue
My cat likes to bring in injured birds and re hunt them in the house. Almost like trying to show off his skills. My parents would get so mad about it when I lived with them.caused many fights between us..
I got my girlfriend some roses for Valentines Day last year. As I presented them to her, our husky Miya was busy defacating on the floor right by us. I miss her though as she passed away a few months ago and it tore me apart. Bad, but sweet dog.
Our dog Nellie has caused 3000 dollars in damage including every holdiday decor and too many fights too count.
Steve and his wife always fight cause there always out of peanut butter lol
My stupid pet hampster bit into my hot gfs finger..... She dumped me the next day
When I want to have sex w/my husband and he pets the dog instead!!!!!
My husbands dog causes daily misery for me. Besides the white hair everywhere, he eats everything! And i mean everything! I spend most nights, instead of sleeping, cleaning his puke and diarrhea cuz of his eating non food items. Cat poop, plastic, paper towels, dish rags, books... it might end our marriage, my husband does nothing to help. Mellisa in Tacoma

Every year, a company called YouGov releases rankings of the most popular brands in the country. The results are based on surveying people about whether they've heard something positive or negative about a brand in the last two weeks.
Here are the top 10 most popular brands in the country. And they're not really what you'd expect.
1. Subway
3. History Channel (--proving their decision to STOP making shows about history and start making shows about pawn shops and aliens was a good idea.)
4. Google
5. Cheerios
6. Lowe's
7. Ford
8. Discovery Channel
9. Target
10. Apple
Subway is the most beloved brand in the US…Amazon is number two…what about you? What is one brand that you can’t live without? For me…geez I have a bunch…Diet Coke, Wired Energy drinks, Jeep, Ludwig drums, Papa Johns, WWE, Trappers Sushi…I could keep going! Here are the texts we received:
The NFL I cant get enough of that brand.
coach brand gotta love the bags n sunglasses..the bombN ..Rachel..<3
Dr pepper. All varieties. Cajun
Men's Room Red!
I love, love, love Apple products! Thanks that's all.
Microsoft! Long live PC!
Levis 501' s won't wear anything else. David from Everett.
Freakin HARLEY.......never go wrong. Bellevue harley is great service.
Target. I freaking love target. Best store ever.
Les schwab They fix tires for free. Great service over and over.
Microsoft, I love my Xbox and kinect. I just bought my self a second one and there are a total of 3 of them now in my house.
Apple! Had my MacBook for 5 years. No problems, no viruses, easy to upgrade, no loss in performance. Battery life is still like new, my favorite thing I own
Tama drums! They've been around since the 70's and have made quality instruments while maintaining incredible customer service.
I love the Virgin brand! Virgin America for flying, virgin mobile for tele, and I'd buy virgin tee pee to wipe my arse!
Mine is kisw
I can't live with out under armour. They have the best clothes for working out.
Cowgirls coffee barista
Can't live without my jeep wrangler, my Chevy Camaro, my Buell, and what would this world be without the contributions of Samuel colt, John browning and their legendary fire arms!!! John from ft Lewis.
Verizon all the way!! Never had a problem with them.
I eat about 4-6 packs of ramen noodles and I refuse to buy anything but Maruchan brand it has the best seasoning and noodles I have had to date
Scuttlebutt in everett and hales ales in seattle. Both are craft breweries, and they do great work. Plus, the Chipotle chicken wings at hales are delectable.

Today's Video Blog features Steel Panther! Jeetz went backstage last night before the Steel Panther show at the Showbox to chat with them.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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01/12/2012 6:53AM
STP's BLOG 01/12/12 "Feel The Steel!"
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