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STP's BLOG 01/13/14 "Hawks Win!"

On Saturday I was one of the lucky 68,000 plus that were at Century Link Field for the Hawks vs. Saints game!  What an awesome experience…that was easily the loudest game I have been to…and I have been to a ton of Hawks games…including both games in the playoffs back in the 2005 season.  Even though the wind was nasty and the rain was dumping on everyone, it didn’t matter!  The 12th Man was in full force!

 photo hawks3_zpsac484b17.jpg
Thankfully I was covered for the game…I was in section 312, and all of us that were sitting around eachother were having an incredible time…cheering and high fiving together!  I grabbed these 2 panoramic shots…one taken about a half hour before the game’s start…
 photo hawks2_zpsb33218d7.jpg
And this one was taken towards the end of the game!
 photo hawks5_zps646eb384.jpg
I even ran into a fellow Rock-A-Holic sitting in the same section while at the game…here I am with Jeremy!
 photo hawks1_zpsc4e96512.jpg
I can’t wait for Sunday as we take on our rivals, the San Francisco 49’ers…this is the matchup that everyone was wanting…the 2 best teams from the NFC “duke-ing” it out, and the winner goes to the Super Bowl!  There will be plenty of chatter about this all week, and right now, all I have to say is…Go Hawks!
 photo hawks4_zpscd4bd4df.jpg

While talking about the game, we got this text at 7-7-9-9-9:
BJ…being there at the game when Lynch got that TD was the greatest moment in my sports watching life.  To be able to celebrate with the rest of the 12’s out there is something I can’t put into words!
This led to us asking the Rock-A-Holics to finish this sentence: “So far…the highlight of the Hawks Season for me was _____.” Or…what is your all-time favorite Hawks memory?  Here are some of the texts we got:
 My hawks memory was when lynch fumbled in the air and Coleman caught the ball scoring a touchdown and won against the rams at rams stadium
My highlight from the Hawks season was when Ricardo Lockette slammed a Rams player who was receiving a punt! It was a perfect hit and flawless beyond compare!!
When they were still in the kingdome I remember the Seahawks have to re kick the second half kickoff because the rest said they were still at commercial
The day I found out Hasselbeck was leaving
Greatest hawks moment was when Steve Atwater gave largent a concussion 6 weeks later largent gave Atwater a concussion for a fumble recovery
The first meet up between san francisco and seattle this season when we held in the 3 points being at that game was the best, from Steve in Yelm
Highlight of hawks season: the pregame huddle in the tunnel before Giants game. The players stating, "we will be back here in February!" The Seahawks shut out the Giants, amazing win!!!
When romo screwed up that fieldgoal at the link and ended up crying afterwards. Classic.
Sadly I didn't get to watch the game because I got called into work, but when that particular TD you were just discussing was made, I can tell you that ) the meat department at Safeway got very loud
Oh and my favorite hawks memory was when I went to a preseason thing that they were hosting and Kam Chancellor photo bombed a picture of me and my family
I am lucky enough to play with Blue Thunder and playing for the fans during the playoffs is amazing! Every time! Dread Pirate.
My favorite seahawk moment was when Richard Sherman intercepted mat Schabs pass from the texans to go to overtime and win! That's when I knew this team had it!
I've been a fan for 25+ years and there's many moments but I'd say when Largent broke the record for TD's with 100...still my all time favorite Hawk! :) Or watching Tez eat QB's. Beast quake 2 was pretty awesome too, almost as good as Beast quake 1. From pjmatt in Anacortes.


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01/13/2014 7:17AM
STP's BLOG 01/13/14 "Hawks Win!"
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