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STP's BLOG 01/15/13 "Basic Skills"

We came across a very interesting study that will make anyone over the age of 30 feel old! A new study examined the basic skills that are disappearing the fastest because of modern technology like smart phones and tablets. Here are the top seven:

1. Handwriting. And people specifically mentioned that handwritten thank-you notes are quickly disappearing.

2. Using a dictionary or encyclopedia. Now we just Google words to find out what they mean . . . or research things on Wikipedia.

3. Mental math.

4. Reading a map. The GPS and mapping apps have made maps obsolete.

5. Finding something at the library. No one remembers how to find a book using the catalog and the Dewey Decimal System anymore.

6. Playing board games. Every board game has an iPad version now.

7. Sending a postcard. We publish our own vacation photos on Facebook instantly now, so there's no real need to send a postcard.

Based on a study about the basic skills that are disappearing…What is one skill that you know you should have, but you don’t? Or what is a skill that you think everyone should have? Here are the texts we received:

Bieng able balance checkbook

A skill my ex wife should have is how to keep her legs closed. Dumb whore

Everyone should know how to count change. I'm actually embarrassed for our society that stores have to put pictures of the register change drawer on a screen and count the change for the cashiers. When did we lose such an important skill as basic math!?!

Basic navigation: I use the GPS on my smartphone just about everywhere I go and without it I would really struggle to remember street names and landmarks Exedra

Typing should be required! My son's classes require typed reports, but have never offered a typing class. -John Fresh

Spelling. With auto correct, you dont have to know how to spell

Kids need to use the card catalog in a library, not google, learn to research and read, not copy and paste
Personal communication, face to face. Not facebook to facebook.

Everyone should have the simple skill of being able to find a place in town everybody has a g p s now which screws it all up.

Remember memorizing phone numbers? When's the last time you were able to call someone that's not in your contact list of your cell phone.....? From Harley in Olympia

Reading a Clock

Last week, Hasbro has announced that they are going to be KILLING OFF one of the iconic Monopoly game pieces. As of this summer, either the shoe, thimble, race car, iron, top hat, Scottie dog, battleship, or wheelbarrow is going to be GONE. It will be replaced by either a toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar, or diamond ring. According to a board game expert, the wheelbarrow has the best chance of being eliminated, followed by the thimble and battleship. The race car and Scottie dog have the best chance of surviving. The original game pieces were the shoe, thimble, race car, iron, top hat, battleship, cannon and horse. The dog and wheelbarrow were added in the '50s. The cannon and horse were eliminated in the late '90s. You can vote on the Monopoly Facebook page for which token to save.

Monopoly is getting rid of some of its famous game pieces...based on this, and it doesn’t have to be a board game...what is your favorite game of all time? Why? Here are some of the texts we received:

Magic: The Gathering is my favorite game. Endless combinations for decks and lots of strategy involved.

Axis and allies. D And D

my name is Mike from Tulalip I would have to go with monopoly I play every year when McDonald's has it going on

I am 39, and started playin D&D when I was 8. I still love it, and play 2-3 times a month.

I have always loved clue! It its a fun mysterious game and it is a bit educational

Fav game of all time...Operation!!! I still have a great time playing with kids!

Favorite.board game..Apples to Apples!

Risk is my favorite board game of all time. Played that game a lot as a kid

My favorite game would have to be Beat The Producer. Currently undefeated. Hard not to love that. –Bjorn

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01/15/2013 8:42AM
STP's BLOG 01/15/13 "Basic Skills"
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