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STP's BLOG 01/15/14 "12th Man Flag"

Big news!  I’m very excited to say that one of the greatest Hawks of all time… Marcus Trufant will join us in studio tomorrow morning.  Marcus is throwing a tailgating party with his new auto detailing company, The Tru Experience, this Sunday at 1720 4th Ave South Seattle (right by Mr. Electric).  Check out The Tru Experience here:

This got us talking about this Sunday.  I propose to the Seahawks (as I know they read my blog daily) that this Sunday they bring back as many of the 2005 team to raise the 12th man Flag.  Just think about it for a second…  I am thinking about it and there are goose bumps popping!  Imagine Matt Hasselbeck, Marcus Trufant, Shaun Alexander, Mack Strong, Walter Jones,  Robbie Tobek, Steve Hutchinson, Lofa Tatupu, Craig Terrill, Grant Wistrom,  Josh brown…whoever they can get there…put em all up in the stands!  Hell…I also propose that they have a zip-line set up from the 12th Man Flag pole to the field…have Josh Brown zip down there…and have him do the kick off for the game!  I’m sure the NFL would allow that! 

Toppy agreed with me that the 2005 team should raise the flag…BJ thought that it would even be cool to have new Mariner Robin son Cano raise the flag, and then the texts started coming in:
Gary Peyton, Shawn Kemp, Walter Jones, Griffey

Steve largent

smart money is on holmgren to raise the flag Sunday

A Rod raising flag....he would get a warm welcome.....

Also we should have Brian Bosworth raise the 12th man flag

Matt hasselbeck


Dave Kreig

Cortez Kennedy

Pearl Jam

Speaking of the Hawks, have you seen this commercial that Duracell made?  It’s easily the BEST commercial I have ever seen… damn they need to make a documentary about Derrick Coleman of the Hawks!

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01/15/2014 7:52AM
STP's BLOG 01/15/14 "12th Man Flag"
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01/15/2014 2:43PM
He should raise the flag because it would anger the 9ers fans. The two reasons why I think this should happen are: he is planning on wearing his custom jacket to the game. Seen here and did this to a Gore jersey Nuck the finers! -Veronica
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