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STP's BLOG 01/16/13 "Romance Movies"

I have a story to share that proves why these dumb romantic films need to stop. In all of these movies the guy or gal does something so ridiculous to win the affection of the person they are into. In real life that is called stalking. In real life that is what leads to restraining orders. Yet…people are still inspired by them and want to live the fairy tale Hollywood story when it comes to courtship. I present to you my evidence of that:

Back in the summer of 2011, 24-year-old Jason Dean of Georgia was working at a Taco Bell in Ringgold, Georgia. He had a thing for an 18-year-old coworker, and asked her out a bunch of times, but she always said no. Finally, one night in August of 2011, she rejected him at work and he responded by HANDCUFFING HIMSELF to her. He told his coworkers and the manager he wouldn't unlock the cuffs until the girl gave him a chance. He was arrested for felony false imprisonment. And last week, Jason was sentenced to FOUR YEARS in prison followed by six years of probation. He's also not allowed to have any contact with the girl.

Based on this…what extreme thing did you do to get someone to go out with you? Or what did someone do to get you to go out with them? Did it work? Here are some of the texts we got:

I asked a girl out by writing it with lighter fluid on her parents lawn and lighting it.

My fiance waited 13 years to ask me out... tho when we met, my friend (his then GF) probably wouldn't have like it much if he'd asked me out back then. ;-)

My fiancee hunted me down on myspace (whay back when) and went to parties I said I was going to to meet me again. I guess it worked! We're getting maried aug 10

A guy had his mom call my mom to make me say yes because I'd been saying no . And my mom forced me to go because she was annoyed she had to take the call lol

Hey guys, when I was in high school I made my own fortune cookie message asking my girlfriend out. We've been together ever since. Been married for 5 years, together for 10 years this February. Love the show, Greg in Arlington.

And hear is the ultimate text for this topic:

My now fience on our way back to work from our lunch break he pulled over and wiped it out and started to do stuff to himself in front of me in front of me and its been now 5 years

We wound up getting her on the phone, and she said they are getting married and have a kid on the way. I recommended that when the day comes that their kid asks how mommy and daddy met, to NOT share the truth and say they met in church or something.

TATYANA ALI . . . who played little Ashley on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" . . . has revealed that one of her guilty pleasures is . . . ONE NIGHT STANDS. This is crazy! I always thought Hillary would be the slut of the two. Waka Waka! The Huffington Post website recently asked Tatyana, who is 33, what her guilty pleasures are. She named two things: Bread pudding with chocolate . . . and ONE-NIGHT STANDS. Sadly, she did not elaborate.

What about you? What is your guilty pleasure? Here are the texts we got:

Guilty pleasure..occasional cigarette. Big one is after each deployment my wife lets me explore normally off limit areas in the bedroom the day after I return.

The jersey shore Jason in kent

My guilt pleasure is those Twinkies they quit making -- SPC Ramsey

My Guilty Pleasure is watching old dudes rail young girls in porn movies, no joke! -Lester in Concrete

I live eating out. I wish I were a food critic. -cherrie (pronounced cherry)

I know I'm not alone here but after seeing them in concert in Tacoma Dome; my guilty pleasure is NICKELBACK. Best show I've seen. Gman drew

BBQ. . Chicken legs at ampm in Tacoma im adicted ~Steve-O~

My guilty pleasure is when my ex boyfriend screws me over, i screw his best friend.

I really like that new taylor swift song trouble, even have an awesome remix of it. Problem is.. I'm a guy.

My quilty pleasure is sleeping with my best friends girl friend with his permission of course

My guilt pleasure is listening to the BJ Shea show. Especially steve. -signed, the pitbull

Im a 27 year old hetrosexual male. But i love Carly Rae Jepsens "Call Me Maybe." Everytime i hear it i turn into a giggling 15 year old

My hot wife,Guns, sushi, guns, STP cast, guns, the walking dead, guns, breaking bad and did I mention guns and my hot wife. RED

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge...This weeks challenge features our new intern Jay, he has 60 seconds to find someone that will let him lick their foot with their sock on...will he do it?

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01/16/2013 8:10AM
STP's BLOG 01/16/13 "Romance Movies"
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