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STP's BLOG 01/17/12 "Magic Trick!"

Have you been keeping up with that horrible tragedy with the Cruise ship that crashed in Italy…29 people are still missing. As I am reading about this story, there was one thing that made me scratch my head for the sheer ridiculousness. Apparently there was a magic show going on when the crash happened…and the Magician was in the middle of sawing a woman in half when the crash occurred…so what did he do? He disappeared!!! Yes…he bolted from the show…leaving the woman in the box!!!! Worst magician ever. He must have learned how to be a hero from the ship’s captain, who apparently abandoned ship right after the crash. Wow.
Rough loss for the Donkey’s…our 6 game unbeaten streak came to an end, as my hockey team…the Tacoma Donkey’s lost 7-4. I started off the game playing like crap, but started playing better…hell…I played with balls…literally:


Yes, that is my cup. Proof that A. A protective cup is important. And B. You have to have a screw loose to be a goalie. My bud Yev from the other team wound up with a slap shot, and I went down to make the save…and I saved it all right…with my boys! It was funny, after the shot I looked down to see where the puck was, and could not find it…I was scared that it trinkled in the net, and the pain of having my boys shoot up through my stomach was for nothing…but then after a few seconds…the puck dropped between my legs…yes, the puck was stuck in the cup for a few moments! Wow. My buddy Andy then sent me this video:

According to a new survey, HALF of people age 18 to 34 say they're regularly asked for tech help by friends and family. So 1 in 3 people pretend to not to have as much knowledge as they do…so they don't have to help. It’s not just a "selfish generation" thing -- 26% of people age 35 to 49 also pretend they don't have the tech skills to help their family and friends sometimes.
So 1 in 3 people pretend they don’t have much knowledge as they do, so they don't have to help others…what about you… what is something that you are skilled at, that when people find out, they ask for your help? Here are the texts we got:
Im good @ fixing things and thats what i do 4 work and every1 asks me fix there broken Crap on My days off like i dont do enough of that thru out the week
I am good at everything; carpentry, auto mechanics, computers...; so my wifes single friends are always asking me for help. Its a pain in the ass!
I'm a heating, air conditioning and refrigeration repair man and everyone's always wanted me to fix their stuff
Likcking the penutbutter
I was an auto mechanic for 8 years, quit the biz because it was really hard on my back. 6 years later everybody still want free advice and free work. It's usual
I've been doing photography for over five years. I get asked constantly if I'd help my buddy's uncle Ted figure out his $2,000 DSLR camera. Don't waste your money on those things if you can't even figure out how to turn it on..
Calibrate scales 4 a living. My weed dealer always wants me 2 check his scales 4 accuracy. Rig it in my favor n get a fat bag! Jason.
I don't take the garbage out at my house cause I do it all day at work Red the chicken man
I used to work home theater for best buy. When people find out they always ask me to install their speakers, receivers, and setup their new high tech gadgets.
I am good at everything; carpentry, auto mechanics, computers...; so my wifes single friends are always asking me for help. Its a pain in the ass!
I'm a chef...people want me to cook something for a special occasion and whatnot. No, lol my days off are for me.
Painter and everybody always wants quotes or the friend price.
On the converse, My brother is a contractor and when he comes to visit he wants to work
I do hair so I'm always asked if I could do a cut for free. Drives me nuts.
We went to Denver for my husband's dad's funeral, and he fixed 4 toilets, installed a sink faucet, and installed a new door in the week we were there. Nice family, huh?

The number of accidents involving people wearing headphones has tripled since 2004. Now…the numbers are still small, but it looks like a growing trend. In 2004, there were 16 cases where pedestrians wearing headphones were hit by cars or trains and injured or killed. Last year, there were 47. This only counted cases where people were listening to music through headphones, not cases where people were talking on their phones. Overall, 68% of the victims were male, 67% were under 30, and 70% died. In 29% of the cases, reports said that the victim didn't hear horns or sirens before the crash.
The number of accidents involving people wearing headphones has tripled since 2004…so we want to know…What is the most ridiculous way you got hurt, or got into an accident? Here are some of the texts we got:
I hyperextended my left knee 7 years ago doing children's theatre. I'm 30 now and still have to wear a knee brace when I work out. -Vinnie D
My cat was attacking a stick he thought was a snake. Picked him up and he gave me an inch long cut across my eyelid.
Was getn drunk with my uncle workn on his truck-under it-on jakstands when i accidntly kickd 1 out causn the trck 2 fall pinnin us both! He sufrd a broken arm!
Hey bj one time i was playing wheel of fortune on the N64 and i kept getting robbed by the computer (i spun and landed on bankrupt like 5 times in a row) anyway i got pissed and hit my couch safe thing to hit, wrong! I hit the part with where the arm rest is supported with wood and broke my wrist. Who knew wheel of fortune could be a contact sport.....sara in Lynnwood
I rear ended a car while I was trying to piss in a bottle needless to say urine was everywhere not a great thing to have to explain to cops. The Rev Ft Lewis
My dads friend had a Harley that he rode to our house one day, I was wearing shorts and when I went to sit on it I burned a patch of skin off my leg on the exhaust
Shattered my ankle playing dodge ball, had to have screws and a metal plate put into my ankle
I hopped a curb and ran a street sign over when my wife texted me a pic of her "new" boobs. Truck was okay, sign, not so much!
I was standing on a clothing rack at my old job slipped and fell right on my boys and punctured my butt cheek

I love this video…with all the snow doom & gloom stories we are getting…I love snow cripples this city! Here is a video someone just shot in Seattle & posted…

Today's video blog features us getting our pictures taken!

Here is the same video blog:

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01/17/2012 6:55AM
STP's BLOG 01/17/12 "Magic Trick!"
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01/18/2012 7:35AM
Seattle Drivers in 2 inches of snow
That had me laughing so hard. I watch that same scene every time we have some snow...what's funniest of all is when I drive by in my lil Honda Accord (with front wheel drive) and see all these big 4x4s stuck in ditches or not being able to get up gradual hills. Regular cars with bad tires are the funniest of all...spin spin spin and go nowhere. Thanks for this gave me such a great laugh at the expense of others.
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