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STP's BLOG 01/22/13 "Puppy, Hockey, Roller Derby, Hockey"

This morning we talked about how there is scientific reasons why people share cute pictures of cats all the time. A new study out of Yale found that when we see something cute, our bodies are wired to pretty much lose control and you are filled with a “biological urge” to share the cuteness . . . and that urge is so strong it overrides your usual inhibitions. Hell, I am guilty of that. Just this past weekend I had 2 instances of wanting to share cute pictures of our dog Lulu:

 photo 9229D0A5-A2BE-4459-8F8E-12E8C3F7486B-4910-000004812BB66741.jpg

 photo E0C8431F-DFD8-4682-A976-C499C3A5034E-4910-00000481192A7AF5.jpg

Over the weekend I went to a Roller Derby match in Tumwater for the first time in my life. We went to support the MIA Derby Girls...get more info on them on their Facebook page: .  I still have no idea what happened in the game and how they score, but there were girls skating around in circles knocking each other down…it was AWESOME! Honestly -- it was a great time, and those ladies kick ass out there, non-stop action. 

 photo D15D3A72-33AE-46BD-851A-E8BCC6B148FE-4910-00000481339BD96B.jpg

Plus our friend Drunk Spice from the MIA Derby Girls team showed some love for my beer league hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys (follow us on Twitter @TacomaDonkeys or ).

 photo 0E5D175D-5A3A-4C84-87C1-CD4231836D5F-4910-000004813A071207.jpg

Speaking of my team…we just got the sample of our upcoming new jersey’s…looking pretty sweet if you ask me!

 photo 0A447606-99AD-4D39-8D83-638CA5FF599C-4910-000004818EFC5E2E.jpg

 photo D1A75CCB-B026-4784-AB54-7E66474B3B3D-4910-0000048196C8998A.jpg

Donkeys had a big win over the long weekend…what better way to celebrate than to drink some “Donkey Juice.”

 photo 621FD41E-35BA-4697-9DFF-906282C3D706-4910-00000481795F7AE8.jpg

I spent most of the weekend watching the NHL…as the NHL is back finally…huge props to the Dallas Stars for having fun at the expense of the Manti te’o craziness:

 photo 82E9BC83-38C7-4026-AD5A-9B4BD87115C7-4910-000004829B77E5EC.jpg

Speaking of beer league hockey…I have to share this video with you as it is the funniest thing I have seen on You Tube in a while…I know all my fellow beer league hockey friends will love this, and if you have ever played some sort of a adult rec sport (Softball, Flag Football, hell Kickball etc) you will dig it as well. This definitely hits home for me, as I can relate to a lot of the absurdity in this video. It’s 15 minutes long, but worth it…and it’s a parody of the NHL 36 series (where video crews follow a NHL player for 36 hours on and off the ice):

To come full circle, after all this talk about hockey…my favorite team, the New Jersey Devils have their home opener tonight…Go Devils!

 photo 67F12356-4DC1-48B9-BB75-414A486C7BDD-16735-00000E01698A5187.jpg


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01/22/2013 7:17AM
STP's BLOG 01/22/13 "Puppy, Hockey, Roller Derby, Hockey"
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