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STP's BLOG 01/23/13 "Largent is The Man!

This is why I love You Tube…I was just surfing around and randomly came across this classic moment from Steve Largent. It’s because of this kind of intensity that I am a Seahawks fan…that and the fact that his first name is Steve. Yes, as a kid…my favorite teams were dictated by if they had a star player named Steve. I am a “StevE-liist” after all!

Huge thanks to the greatest Facebook page of all time, The Gap, for giving us love on their page! Yesterday I brought up how great their page is…and somehow they found out! They even dedicated a picture to us…we are humbled & honored!

 photo 9919DF00-38E0-4274-8E34-352FBAD33D47-6698-000005D4ED541EFC.jpg

Check them out on Facebook:

The ORIGINAL Batmobile was auctioned off over the weekend, and it went for $4.62 MILLION. This is the one from the '60s series starring ADAM WEST. Six Batmobiles were used during the show's run . . . and this was the FIRST one.Two years ago, we heard about a company that was granted permission to make full-scale, street legal, exact replicas of the original Batmobile. And THOSE were going for $150,000 each.Back in 2010, the Aston Martin DB5 that SEAN CONNERY drove in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" was also auctioned off for $4.6 million.

The original Batmobile was sold at an auction for over 4.6 million dollars… If you could afford to purchase any item from a film, TV show, or anywhere else…what would it be? Here are some of the texts we got:

Easy, I would want the Scarolet Johansen they used in the Avengers ~The Armored Panda

Luke Skywakers hover craft from original Star Wars.. *BOHICA*

KITT ... Minus the Hoff. Or, The Enterprise... Who wouldn't wanna go where no man had gone before; with photon torpedoes and a holodeck! Engage!

From brenon in Kirkland I'd get the ironman suit ! ;)

If I had the money, I would buy that fully automatic shotgun from The Expendables!

I would buy the puppets from the movie Team America World Police.
The clay dinosaurs from the original Land of the lost. Mike

I want pee wee Herman's breakfast machine... And his entire playhouse from the tv show

I would buy the briefcase from pulp fiction so we can finally figure out what's in it
The axe from the shining

I'd buy the the harley that Arnold road in terminator 2.

The Fall Guy 4X4 or the Munster's Family Car! Chris! PUYALLUP

Id totally buy the hot tub from "hot tub time machine"

Melissa Cairns is a middle school teacher in Ohio, and she may be fired for posting a picture of her students with duct tape over their mouths on Facebook with the caption, quote: “Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!” The students had placed the duct tape over their own mouths and asked her to take a picture of the joke. But a colleague reportedly saw the picture on her Facebook page, did not find it funny, and told school officials. When interviewed, Cairns said, quote, “Do I feel that this one, stupid mistake should cost me the last 10 years of all the good I’ve done? Absolutely not." Even though she took the the picture down, the School Board voted to fire her earlier this month. Cairns attorney said that she would file an appeal.

Based on this…when have you gotten someone fired? Or…what was the dumbest reason why you were fired? Here are the texts we received:

I was a host at a small family owned restaurant and the waitress was being a lazy bitch. I took care of three of her tables and kept the tips. Got accused of stealing tips and was gone. I was 15

Belched while on the phone

I got my boss fired, who I didn't like, when he decided to put a paper clip in my soda can, I took a big swig and almost choked on it Scott

I was a shift supervisor for a major coffee chain about 15 years ago in denver. I was having a conversation with a fellow female employee about weed and she said she'd never seen it before. She seemed cool so I showed her a nugget. She told her sister about it who was a manager for a different store. Two days later they brought me into the corporate headquarters and I was given the option to step down instead of getting fired because I was such a good employee. That was f-ing stupid of me. Mike in Edmonds

My senior year in high school our french teacher had just graduated college and my friends and I showed up to his house to party once and we ended up being friends and smoking weed EVERY day. He lasted about 4 months into the first semester. Sorry mr. B

Got fired for listening to the BJ Shea Show online one morning. I looked at the time and said, Time for my BJ. Manager heard that, listened and I was given the boot.

Today's Video Blog is another iNtern Challenge! Our intern has 60 seconds to find a stranger to agree to be his girlfriend (in honor of Manti Te'o)...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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01/23/2013 8:03AM
STP's BLOG 01/23/13 "Largent is The Man!
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