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STP's BLOG 01/24/13 "The Flying V"

Last night was our company Christmas party. Yes, last night was January 23rd…that’s how we roll at the KISW! Thinking outside the box…we don’t need the holiday p[arty to fall during the holidays, we do what we want.

It was a great time. Both Mono Nick and I won prizes at the raffle held. Nick won passes to a buffet at a casino…man, I can picturing him getting the munchies and doing work there. BJ got drunk of 3 beers and stuffed his face with beef…briskets that is. I then went to Molly Moon’s and ate ice cream. Salted Caramel. Success.

This picture has been spreading virally, and as a fan of hockey you will understand why this is awesome:

 photo AB304F40-B7EF-4093-9DD9-6B9E4E5AB83F-8390-000006F7C03D120C.jpg

If you don’t get why…maybe this will refresh your memory!

This morning during “Whose iPOD Is It Anyway?”, we played a song from the Surf Punks…I mentioned how awesome the video is…check it out:

We received this message on Facebook…

Yo guys…I have a great topic for you that all stemmed from something that just happened here at work.

I was in the break room and I got sucked into a conversation that I never wanted to be a part of... The ladies in my office were talking about the type of guys they would not date. For instance, one said, “I would NEVER date a guy that talked to his mom on the phone more than once a week”. Really? That is your criteria? Here were a couple others that I remember:

“I wouldn't date a guy who owned a cat”
“I would never date a guy who drives a car more than 3 years old”

I’m betting these aren’t the only people that have such shallow reasons for not dating someone…I bet you could get great calls on this!


Based on Ron’s email…finish this sentence: “I would never date someone who _____.” Here are some of the texts we got:

I will never ever ever date a woman that doesn't make as much money as I do!
Would never date a girl if she farted in bed

I would never date someone with ugly feet I love the show shane in federal way

I would never date someone who didn't mow the southern lawn if you know what I mean. No one like an over grown hedge...yech!! Danny from Kent

I would never date someone who wasn't a geek. Geek culture is a huge part of my life and I was never interested in non geek girls. –Bjorn

I would never date someone who had a blog page or was a drama queen or loud mouth. BLD!!!!! "From steve the wood worker"

I would never date anyone that listens to cowboy hillbilly music.

Constantly wears a blue tooth. I went on a date and when I realized he had no intention of taking it off I decided that it would to nowhere!!! My phone was off!
Smoked cigs or pot every day.

I would never date a guy with horrible body odor

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01/24/2013 9:06AM
STP's BLOG 01/24/13 "The Flying V"
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