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STP's BLOG 01/24/14 "Farting Deer"

So…yet another reason why my wife rules.  At 5:45 AM I get a text from her…usually it’s a text that says “Good Morning” or something along thoise lines…but this morning it was just a link…no text…so I click on it, and it’s this:

HAHAHA!  When that deer’s tail flies up I nearly spat my coffee out!
Huge thanks to Craig Terrill for joining us to talk Hawks.  If you don’t remember, Craig was on the Hawks the last time the team went to the Super Bowl…Super Bowl 40 in Detroit.  If you don’t remember, the Rolling Stones played at Half Time…which led to this great song that Craig wrote and performed for us at a listener party!

I love the Seahawks vibe that has taken over the North West…this story rocks, and I am glad to hear it comes out of my hood … Puyallup!  How would you like to try a Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage?  Yes, you read that right…it’s a Spicy pork sausage infused with Marshawn’s favorite candy…Skittles!  Where can you get it?  At Blue Max Meats in Puyallup!  We talked about this during my news, and I love when stuff like this happens…as it proves that we have at least one listener!  One of the owners, Tommy, texted us this:

Thank you guys so much for the shout out about our meat shop. We  are huge fans of your show, and we listen faithfully every morning…love love love your show and being mentioned on the air with the BJ Shea show is bigger for us than anything! Go Hawks, Go Hawks, and Go Rock! Tommy Blue Max Meats
He also mentioned that he wants to give me a big meat package for all the guys on the show…wait…what?  Taken out of context…  Haha!

We got this email about the Hawks…

Guys...I loved what you had to say about Derrick Coleman, and props to you BJ for sharing your hearing aid story.
I 100% agree with Steve about how there are so many charismatic characters on the team.  my favorite has always been Michael Robinson because of The Real Rob Report, but I am now even a bigger fan after seeing that video of him on the sidelines after their win last weekend, and he had tears streaming down his face.  That is passion right there.  I love the Hawks! 
I wanted to know who do you LOVE on the team and why?

Here is a picture of Michael Robinson that he is referring to….

Based on Jerry's email...what about you?  Who on the Hawks do you LOVE and why?  Here are the texts we got:

Zach miller, zach miller, zach miller baby whoooo # 86 all the way catches anything Wilson throws at him.

Tarvaris Jackson. Many forget the fantastic work he put in to keep the Seahawks franchise rebuilding alive. He started at QB while injured an entire season and made the playoffs to set in motion the progressive improvements we've seen getting us to the Super Bowl. He's not starting now, but he's back as part of this championship team and often overlooked. Give him credit where it's due! -Luke, Port Townsend

Or Brandon Mebane. That belly roll is hypnotic. Oh myyy.

Russell Wilson. Love his work with children's hospital. Even tho we have never met him we have spent time at children's with our son due to his autism and his physical disabilities with his foot. He is having surgery again on the 29th. We know how much it means to those kids to meet a great role model. Go Hawks! Jim in Lynnwood

My favorite player is houska(our kicker. It's to early for spelling) why? Because when you think about it, when was his last missed kick? How many games were we ahead by a field goal or two.

Earl Thomas, because he's posed ,confident, and mean on the field Will

I'm going to show some love for Doug Baldwin. Analysts counted him out as not a threat and he played the game of his life on Sunday.

Best. Topic. Ever. I gotta go with Breno Giacomini. Every team should have a guy with a thick Brooklyn like accent. -the Drunk Viking

Coleman. He has a lot of character and perseverance to overcome deafness

love Sherman and Russell. Sherman is just a boss, and Russ is the most gracious player to ever step foot on the field. Asking Bradshaw how to approach the SB was amazing. He's just an all around amazing man, even at such a young age. -Scott, Sammamish

Can these Hawks get any better! These guys are class acts and ready to be superbowl champs!

I love Pete Carrol. He has so much energy, and I believe he brings out the best in all his players. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!! BIGJON

Kam chancellor Hit on vernon davis epic !!!!!!


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01/24/2014 6:51AM
STP's BLOG 01/24/14 "Farting Deer"
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