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STP's BLOG 01/25/12 "#18 As A Hawk?"

This morning I saw a report that says many general managers think that the Hawks, the 49’ers, and the Cardinals are potential places for Peyton Manning to end up. Peyton’s days in Indy are most likely done as they gutted out their front office and coach, and they have the #1 draft pick which will surely be Andrew Luck. BJ wondered if this was a good idea…I say HELL YES! Get Peyton Hawks…that would be huge. Yes, he is towards the tail end of his career, and there are injury issues…but c’mon…it’s Peyton Manning!!!!! Look, I don’t hate Tavaris…but realistically he is not the future of that position for the Hawks, and we won’t be getting one of the top QB’s in the draft that can be plugged in the position unless we trade up…so let’s find someone that could study under Peyton for the next couple of years. C’mon Paul Allen…open up that wallet, and let one of the greats lead a young hungry team next season. The O Line was looking great towards the end of the season…give Peyton the time Tavaris was getting, and Sidney Rice will have a career year! Plus…think of all the great local commercials:

Chaz Bono recently revealed that he's saving up for a PENIS!!! The surgery will probably cost him between $25,000 and $45,000. Here is the crazy part…her mom offered to buy the Johnson! Chaz's mother CHER offered to pay for the surgery, but he didn't want her money. Sources say that after Chaz broke up with his girlfriend Jennifer, he and Cher had a huge fight. Basically, Cher was telling Chaz that Jennifer was no good for him, and never loved him in the first place, and it snowballed from there. So Cher thought a new penis would be a nice olive branch to Chaz…but he was too mad at her to accept. A friend says, "Chaz sent word through a close friend that he does not want his mother's handout, and will earn the money himself. Cher is heartbroken."

Chaz Bono Turned down Cher's offer to buy him a penis...based on this...finish this statement: “I can't believe my parent bought me, or tried to buy me, _______." Here are some of the texts we got:

My MOMbrought me back thong underwear from the London underground that says Mind the Gap

My mom on my 21st bday bought me a molding of Jenna Jamison's lady parts...
My mother in law bought me a vibrator

can't believe my girlfriend's mom bought me a wedding ring to give to my girlfriend.... Without informing me first

My stepdad tried buying me a hooker cause he thought I was gay not knowing the only reason he didn't see me with a lot of women cause I was slaying his hot daughter

I can't believe my mother bought me the first 3 seasons of Saturday Night VHS!!!

My Mom bought me a sexy nighty. Awkward. And also not sexy thinking about your mom before doing it.

A hummingbird feeder... Im a 30 year old married man, why would i want that???
A funeral plot at the age of twelve. Granted sound investmet but did they have to tell me?

My mom bought me extacy she thought it would be a good way to bond
Lol my first quater oz of pot hahahahaa

Tried to buy me a subscription to eharmony.

Back Disneyland was established in 1955, WALT DISNEY banned his employees from having BEARDS, because he didn't want them to look like carnies. That “No Beard” policy has been in place ever since. For 57 years…UNTIL NOW. Disney has announced that for the first time ever, park employees are now allowed to grow beards. A spokeswoman said they went over the guidelines and felt, quote, "an update was appropriate at this time." This is the third change Disney has made to their theme park dress code in the past dozen years. In 2000, they lifted a ban on mustaches, and two years ago, they started allowing women to wear skirts without pantyhose, and sleeveless tops.

There are still things that involve your appearance that are banned…for instance: The company disallows things like visible tattoos or tongue piercings on its cast members. Mustaches have to be fully grown in and well maintained, and they can’t extend over the upper lip. When it comes to hair styles, dyeing, bleaching or coloring is banned, the rules state, quote, “If the hair color is changed, it must be natural looking and well-maintained.” Ladies have to keep the nail polish neutral, and nails cannot grow beyond a quarter of an inch past the fingertip.

Disney has lifted the beard ban, but they still have some strange rules for their employees…based on this, whether it be your current job, or a past job…what is the dumbest rule that you had to follow? Here are the texts we got:

I worked at disneyworld in college in the late 90s. One rule was that no hair in your head could be longer than 2 inches

Evidently there was a rule that you couldn't have sex at work... I was caught and immediately terminated...

I worked at a a fast food place in arizona and my manager was such a douche he made every employee shave everyday and iron your uniform, the dude was anal

As a paramedic in the 90's we were not allowed to shave 12 hours before our shift to avoid open wounds to expose to AIDS virus! Scruff was rampant!

I work at a warehouse…You cant wear shorts in the summer. Gets atleast 95 in this beotch. Nick from Everett

At a past job they used to make me eat peanut butter every day. But thankfully they replaced me with a little furball name Lulu! signed Lucy and South Hill

Had to wear pure black shoes working parking lot security. Enforced to the point a supervisor came out to color in a logo on my boots with magic mark.

Worked for a local septic and drain cleaning company and they still have a no cellphone policy. We worked from Canada to Oregon and if caught with a cellphone you were terminated. Dumb ass policy

The dumbest rule was when I worked at a department store, you had to have a bathroom buddy. And at a packing place you had a set bathroom time.

Tyler from spanaway. The dumbest rule I had to follow was my sideburns had to be even with the top of the ear or the middle of the ear. Nowhere in between.

I was a concrete worker and they.made us wear colared shirts because they "didn't want us to look like they didn't get under paid"

 Today's Video Blog features a gift from the WWE...a box of Fruity Pebbles in honor of John Cena!!!

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people:

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01/25/2012 7:59AM
STP's BLOG 01/25/12 "#18 As A Hawk?"
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