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STP's BLOG 01/26/12 "Wheel of Drunk"

This is my favorite story of the day…Pat Sajak and Vanna White have done "Wheel of Fortune" drunk. In fact, it sounds like it may have happened a bunch back in the day. During an appearance on ESPN'S "Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable", Pat said that he and Vanna would hit up a local Mexican restaurant between tapings, "They served great margaritas, so Vanna and I would go and have two, or three or six…and then come [back] and do the last shows, and have trouble recognizing the alphabet. They're really good tapes to get a hold of." Here is the Video…the part about doing "Wheel of Fortune" hammered starts at the 1:05 mark (keep watching the rest though, as Papi asks one of the funniest questions ever towards the end):

“What does Vanna smell like?” Hahaha Awesome!

Speaking of TV…I saw this today, and I agree with Charlie Sheen. Even though Charlie has said that Ashton Kutcher has done a good job replacing him on "Two and a Half Men", but he still thinks the show should end after this season. Charlie said, "I've done what [Ashton's] done. I've replaced [Michael J. Fox on 'Spin City']. It's so [effing] hard, you can't believe it. It's all you're thinking about, and you're surrounded by these ghosts. So, hats off to him for doing the best job that he can." Charlie thinks "Two and a Half Men" should be put to rest mostly because creator Chuck Lorre is no longer focusing on it enough to make it good: "I don't think that [Ashton's] working with the best writing because Chuck is doing too many shows. They've lost their point of view, man…[Chuck] spent so much time trying to insult me through the character that he forgot how to write good jokes. [The cast] deserves better material. They deserve what I had for the first five years. I don't want to harp on them. Let the clueless stay clueless. I was a puppet there for ratings. But, whatever…I don't care. I've moved on, and whatever they're doing there is none of my business." I have to say I agree with Charlie…I was late to the 2 & A Half Men party, but my wife and I watch the re-runs, and the new episodes, and I have to say the old ones blow the new stuff out of the water.

Last week over 400,000 homes and businesses lost power, but thanks to the round the clock work by Utility crews, it’s down to about about 3,000 remaining outages. According to a Puget Sound Energy spokesman, they hope to have power restored to all by early today. BJ got a Tweet from Nathan T. with a great topic idea: Given the recent power outages what is one thing you learned you can live without and one thing you must have? Here are some of the texts:

Eventually, not being able to make DINNER for a few days got old.

Oh yeah, I gotta have a vaccuum!

I couldn't live without peanut butter on Steve's face. I couldn't see anything when the power was out. –Lucy

I can live without tv and cable. I cannot live without running water.

I can surprisingly live without internet. Weird for a 22 year old. I cannot live without beer though. My tummy has Gotta stay warm! Cammi from Tacoma

I can live without cable and internet but gosh dang it mo fo's I cannot live without hot shower water...

Can live without a microwave. But I must have my Xbox

Can live without tv but must have coffee thank god for perkys on cannion road

Good morning, this is Amie :) power outage: Have to have a refrigerator and freezer. Could live without a t.v.

Just got my power back.... could live without sports center and wrestling was very amazed bout that...could not live without my iPhone.....went out and bought a car charger as soon as my iPhone died....thank god 4 the kisw app

I can deal with no power but being on a well no power equals no water. Try taking a crap outside in the snow

Johnny Depp is America's favorite actor for the second year in a row, according to the annual Harris Poll. Also for the second year, Denzel Washington finished at #2, although this time he shares the spot with Clint Eastwood. Here's the Top 10:

1. Johnny Depp
2. (tie) Denzel Washington and Clint Eastwood
4. Tom Hanks
5. John Wayne (yes, he’s been dead for over 32 years!)
6. George Clooney
7. Sandra Bullock
8. Harrison Ford
9. Will Smith
10. Adam Sandler

Men chose Eastwood as their favorite . . . while women went with Depp.
According to an annual Harris Poll…Johnny Depp is still your favorite actor? What about you…who is your favorite actor, also… who do you hate? Here are the texts we got:

kevin smith

Tom hanks is my fav of all time

Fave actor- Edward Norton, least fave- Keanu Reeves (outside of his work in the matrix)

I love Will smith but hate Jim Carey. HEATHER IN FIFE

Hate, Leo Dicaprio! Love Woody Harelson. Very underrated actor! Everything he does is good! Jason

Dear Adam Sandler.....please stop it, just....stop it.

Hate fuckin affleck, love statham!

Fav: Johnny Depp hands down. Least Fav: Ben Stiller, he just keeps doing the same Damn movies with new titles.

Worst: Sara "horse-face" Jessica Parker Best (one of): Leo deCaprio

Tom Hanks is the one I have the most respect for. He does a lot of work off the stage and, especially, with the military. I can not stand Angelina Jolie anymore. She is all over s****y grocery store magazines, she does the same badass tough girl roles and, I'm sorry, but how many children are you going to have? Yes, you can afford it, but how much time CAN you spend with each?

Sly Stallone his characters make him seem like a meat head but in actuallity he is a good actor and writer.

Easy. Kurt russell. Bad ass. Tnanks joe in gig harbor

Love mark wahlberg, hate jennifer aniston. Way to much hype.- Brad in Kent

I love edward norton, hes such an amazing actor and all of his roles are very beliveable and well executed, norton in rounders was fantastic. On the other side anything with dwyane the rock johnson makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs and eat them so i never have to see his atrocius acting.

Also, I hate Adam Sandler. He needs to be hit by a train. - the DV

Today's video blog is all about Mono-Nick & The Rev...and the conversations they have during the show when the microphones are off.

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people:


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01/26/2012 7:44AM
STP's BLOG 01/26/12 "Wheel of Drunk"
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