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Steve Migs Blog 10/01/15 "Selfie Time"

I always get a kick out of watching people attempt to take selfies…the facial expressions and time spent doing it is rather entertaining…so this video cracks me up! A bunch of sorority girls were at an Arizona Diamondbacks game on Wednesday, and the announcers made fun of them because they weren't watching the game at all….they were just posing for selfies with their FOOD.

This will be a short blog as our internet keeps going on and off so I don't want to risk not getting this posted! This was an internet moment this morning...

Hear ye, hear ye! Important news in the office...maybe... - The Real BJ Shea

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Steve Migs Blog 10/01/15 "Talkin' Tattoos With Chris Cornell"

Yesterday I mentioned how I had an opportunity to chat with Chris Cornell before his sold out show at Benaroya Hall.

 photo cornell and migs_zps07acnlx3.jpg

Here is a clip from that interview…it was pretty surreal…as I was about to start asking him stuff about the new record "Higher Truth", which is such a good record…Chris was distracted by my tattoos!

Here we are chatting about was great hearing his thoughts about song writing...

If you want to catch my full review of his show, as well as the full interview… listen to this week's Migs Cast!

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Steve Migs Blog 09/30/15 "JBLM & Chris Cornell"

Yesterday was a super busy but super awesome day!

After the show I had the honor of spending time with the men and women that protect us over at JBLM.  It was awesome meeting Mike, Amanda, and everyone else there. 

We (myself, and some former seahawks like Joe Tafoya, Jordan Babineaux, Norm Johnson, and more) were there as a morale booster for those suffering from PTSD (as well as other military folks)…but they were the ones boosting our morale.  It was a day where words cannot do it justice.

After spending the afternoon at JBLM…I made it down to Seattle to for the Chris Cornell show at Benaroya Hall.  I got to interview Chris before the show…you will be able to hear the full interview on the Migs Cast today (it will be up around 12 noon today).


Looking forward to seeing Chris Cornell tonight at Benaroya Hall! Had an opportunity to chat with Chris a few minutes ago...awesome times. - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Chris has an awesome new solo CD called “Higher Truth”, and my favorite song off that record is "Before We Disappear ", which was the first song he played last night!


Kicking off with my fave song off Higher Truth! "Before We Disappear ". Chris Cornell - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Here is Chris playing Soundgarden’s “Fell on Black Days…


Chris Cornell "Fell On Black Days"!!!! - Steve Migs

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I usually don’t record full videos (I like grabbing a clip to share with those that couldn’t make the show), but when Mike McCready of Pearl Jam shows up on stage to play 2 songs with Chris…I decided to let it roll.  Here they are doing the Mad Season song, “River Of deceit”.


Wow. Mike McCready & Chris Cornell doing "River Of Deceit " - Steve Migs

Posted by KISW 99.9 "The Rock" on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Here they are playing “Hunger Strike” by Temple Of the Dog.  I was hoping Eddie Vedder would appear…especially since the rest of Pearl Jam was sitting right next to us, as well as Kim Thayil of Soundgarden and Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees / Mad Season.


Damn.  Hunger Strike with Chris Cornell and Mike McCready

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Steve Migs Blog 09/29/15 "Roller Coaster Proposal!"

In the world of creative proposals…this one takes the prize.  At least for me it does.  A guy named Austin recently proposed to his girlfriend Allison while they were on a ROLLER COASTER at a theme park in Indiana…And he made sure their friends sat in front of them so they could film it.

Man…this is too cool… I say have the wedding on the roller coaster too…get the entire wedding party on that bad boy!

I guess this trumps my proposal where I nervously just handed the un-opened ring box to my wife, and said “here”.  Yup…that’s it.  That was my “magical proposal” haha.

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Steve Migs Blog 09/28/15 "Migs The 'Model'!"

Over the weekend I got to do something rather random, but it was a ton of fun.  I was a “model” at a fashion show.  Yup…you read that right!  Lady 12 Apparel hosted it's very first fashion show to benefit "The 12 Foundation"…in addition to showing off the new line of Lady 12 Clothes, they also displayed the new Luke Willson gear.  Luke was there, as well as former Hawk Joe Tafoya and his wife Brandelyn (who created the Lady 12 line of clothes).  Huge thanks to my bud Tiffany for putting on a really fun event…it was held on the top of Stadium Place, the condos that are right by the north parking lot at Century Link Field.  Here are some pix of me…uh…striking a pose!  Thanks to Mike M. & Jennifer D. for sending me these pix!
 photo 9DDADADA-F372-473A-98B6-D43E17B917E5_zpsytdcay3y.jpg
 photo 71BF85CF-221C-4200-9151-78042E9E95A9_zpsrvsvahpd.jpg
 photo 5E153488-0CBB-4317-9638-7D35A240FC18_zpskp8vv3wx.jpg
 photo A24B99E9-4202-42C6-A336-17C2D3D837D6_zpszxewhzln.jpg
 photo F68F3B7D-D4B2-43A9-9209-FE0C85AFA103_zpsvssgwjdk.jpg
It was cool to see Wanz perform at the event.  You know Wanz from singing the hook of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit, “Thrift Shop”…which he sang (pretty awesome to watch him sing that with C-Link in the background)….

Did you guys catch the crazy moon shot?  I did, and took easily the greatest pic of it that you will see on social media…

What a great win by the Hawks… as you can see below, Lulu was very pleased with their performance!


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Steve Migs Blog 09/25/15 "Dogs & Trains!"

BJ shared this story with me in our very first break, and it easily made my morning.  This might be the best story I have heard about in a long time.  What makes it is the visual of it.
80-year-old Eugene Bostick in Fort Worth, Texas realized people were abandoning dogs near his farm a few years ago, and started taking them in…and here is the best part:  He built a tiny TRAIN for them, hooks it up to his riding mower, and drives it around town.  Each dog has its own little open-air compartment.   Warning:  This video will put a HUGE smile on your face.

Here is a news report on it…

One texter sums it up best:

Good for Eugene! pulling a train with 8 bitches
Hey so I have mentioned before how I got to be a part of a real cool musical project called Free Agent.  We recorded a song inspired by Luke Willson of the Seahawks.  The song is now available on iTUNES, and I was screwing around with my iMOVIE app on my phone yesterday and made a music video for the song.  If I had a production company, I would call it “Low Budget Productions”, as zero dollars were spent on the making of this video…enjoy!

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Steve Migs Blog 09/24/15 "Random Crying!"

There's a guy who says his girlfriend had never tried Pepsi before, because she's allergic to caffeine.  So he told her the caffeine-free stuff pretty much tastes the same, and bought her a two-liter.  In the video she gets really emotional . . . and starts CRYING after her first sip.

I couldn’t believe this… crying over Pepsi?  C’mon!  But BJ brought up a good point…sometimes you just don’t know what will hit ya in the feels.  He shared the time he cried while watching Charlottes Web.  He wasn’t a kid when this happened…it was about 10 or so years ago that the tears were shed.  Hell this morning my eyes got watery while watching Stephen Colbert rock out with Pearl Jam last night.

If you missed it… pearl Jam were the musical guest on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and they covered the Neil Young classic “Rockin’ In The Free World”, and he jumped up on the chorus.  The look of joy on all of their faces while this went down…coupled with the power of their performance, as well as the magic that McCready delivers with this solo…I felt the initial effects of those damn onion being cut.  Manopause man, it’s gotta be the menopause!

Speaking of musical performances on a late night show… I mentioned before how I got an opportunity to play drums with some great friends

In case you missed Up Late nw this past weekend, we had the world premiere of Northwest all-star band Free Agents' song Hands Up - the new Seahawks anthem inspired by Luke Willson.

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Steve Migs Blog 09/23/15 "Iconic Songs!"

Great news came in this morning!

What changed?  This is an interesting post from ESPN’s Adam Schefter…where Kam apparently texted Stephen A. Smith…

Here's what Kam Chancellor texted Stephen A. Smith: "Ima go help my teammates that are understanding of my position and...

Posted by Adam Schefter on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What’s the most iconic song of all time?  A rather broad question….there are so many songs over the years that could easily be considered iconic.  Many songs represent many generations…from Chubby Checker, to yes…even Taylor Swift.  How do you pick just one?  Well a study was done…and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was

The odd thing...they used science to make this distinction.  Apparently they used a computer algorithm to compile the list…looking at tonic dissonance, numbers of chord changes and beats per minute.  Hmmm…makes sense.
 If that was the case…you would think this would be the most iconic song…

Waka Waka.  Ok, sorry.
Other songs on the list -- John Lennon's “Imagine”, U2’s “One”, Michael Jackson's “Thriller”, Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody”, The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”, and The Sex Pistols’ “God Save The Queen”.
If I had to pick…and no, I won’t use science…I’ll use emotion as that is what music evokes…the most iconic song for me, is a random song…but it shaped my opinion on mjusic by opening my eyes to all sounds.  As a kid, all I liked was metal.  If it wasn’t thrash metal, I wasn’t listening to it.  Then I heard a song by the thrash metal band, Sacred Reich.  They had a strange funky track called “31 Flavors”, and thanks to that song…my musical world changed. 

These lyrics got me thinking…and thanks to these lyrics I started listening to Faith No More (my all time favorite band), and gave a little guitarist from Seattle named Jimi a try. Plus I checked out NWA thanks to this, and opened my ears to some amazing music that was not metal.
I love the Chilis…freaky, uplift, mother's milk
Faith No More…Mike Patton's voice is smooth as silk
Metallica's…music makes me want to rage
Sting's lyrics…have something to say
Jimi Hendrix…plays guitar like a no one else
Black Sabbath…Ozzy's voice is sick as hell
Prince, Fishbone, NWA…these are the things that I like to play
Mr. Bungle…is so very cool
so don't be an ignorant fool
there's so much music for you to choose
so don't just be a metal dude…it's cool fool

What’s the most iconic song for you?  Why?
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Steve Migs Blog 09/22/15 "Peanuts!"

Have you seen the new thing the Peanuts Movie is doing?  They have a website where you can make a Peanuts version of yourself.  No matter how hard I tried…I can’t NOT look like Charlie Brown haha

You can do this yourself here:

Vicky made one of all of us!  Mind you…they don’t offer facial hair for the characters, but she did a great job with this!

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Steve Migs Blog 09/18/15 "SpeechMode & Rainbows!"

Tough game yesterday.  The season is far from over, and many logical people would have agreed that there was a great chance that the Hawks would start the season at 0-2 since they had two tough opponents on the road.  Sadly, that was how it worked out…but there are still a crap load of games left.  I am hoping this week flies by as I can’t wait until  Sunday’s home opener against the Bears!
I think the question many of us is, are we going to figure out a way to get Jimmy Graham involved in the games?  On one reception yesterday.  Thus inspiring some funny pics posted on Twitter:


Tomorrow we will have Luke Willson in studio for The EndZone at 9:15am… did you see his insane one handed catch?

Speaking of seeing cool things that involve the Hawks… how about Marshawn Lynch’s new Pepsi commercial.  Hilarious!  Speachmode, Boss!  

So…was Jessica Simpson drunk?  That was the “big” question… all because of her appearance on the Home Shopping Network:

I tried to sympathize for her, as I know what it’s like to A. slur your words when sober, and B. Be accused of being drunk on air…but when I tried to explain it, I shockingly sounded dumb!  Thanks Vicky for quoting me.

So the big rage on Snapochat these days is the new feature that makes it look like you are spitting out a rainbow.  It’s dumb, but I am definitely entertained by it…

Well I had to try and get Lulu to do it of course…

That wasn’t bad, but I got an even better performance from lulu over the weekend!

Just yawning rainbows.  #Lulu

Posted by Steve Migs on Saturday, September 19, 2015
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