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STP's BLOG 01/29/13 "New Goalie Gear!"

So yesterday was an exciting day for me, and my hockey buds will understand why. It’s always an awesome time when you get brand new gear…sure it costs a pretty penny, but when you get good quality stuff, it should last a long time. In a past blog many months ago I mentioned how I have been drooling over a certain company’s goalie pads. The company is called Passau, and they make custom goalie gear at a very affordable price. Check their stuff out here…

So I have been saving for it, and during Christmas break, I ordered a set for a Christmas gift to myself. I contacted the company, gave them my measurements and color choice, and they build the gear from scratch for me. Yesterday they arrived! I got a text from my wife yesterday with this picture…I love how Lulu is checking out what’s in the box:

 photo 4120F05A-D20B-4BA2-95FA-BC7E000056A1-3092-0000021357F2C846.jpg

I get home…and bam…my new goalie gear!

 photo 2AB927F6-25EC-4ABA-A791-1CEC15C08638-3092-00000213A8CD168A.jpg

Of course I had to put the gear on in the house…here I am with my best defenseman…Lulu!

 photo 9747A8E7-0E38-42E0-B77D-55D1B635B308-3122-00000214B712B9FE.jpg

Not to fully geek out on you regarding gear, but I am completely blown away by how well made the gear is. I might not be the best goalie, but I certainly will be rocking the best gear...I'm going to look awesome when multiple pucks go past me into the net!

While I am on a hockey kick…lets head to Wenatchee Washington for this great story. Wenatchee has a great junior A hockey team (players aged between 16-20) called the Wild…hell, they have about 4000 people packing out their barn for games, and their assistant coach Chris Clark is making viral waves for something he recently did. He was upset with the calls the refs were making so he put on sunglasses and used a hockey stick as a cane to pretend he was blind, as a shot at the refs:

There's a great photo online of a dad who had a creative punishment for his daughter recently, when he caught her breaking curfew. He had a t-shirt made with his face on it, and the slogan, "Try me!" Then he made her wear it for A WEEK, including five school days. He also made her wash it every day.  Here is the picture:

 photo tryme_zpsa7fe6800.jpg

What about you? What was the oddest punishment you received as a kid, or given as a parent? Here are the texts we got:

I only have one eye. When I was little, my older sister struck me in the face, and almost hit my good eye. My dad made her wear a blindfold for a day. –Jen

When I was in second grade I stole micro machines from another kid and my dad made me go in front of the whole class and tell them I was a theif. Soooo embarrassing, but I never stole anything after that. I'm a male. Lesson learned.

I once had to wear a sign telling the neighborhood that i liked to pee my pants. Erik with a k. From elma

When I used to misbehave, my mom used to grab me (while I was still fully clothed) and shove me into a cold shower. - Taxi Nate in Olympia

When my two kids fight i make them hug and stay like that with their noses touching :)

We had to hold a quarter against the wall with our nose, usually for interrupting when an adult was talking, sounds easy bit man Its hard!

Today's Video Blog is part two with The Nerdist -- Chris Hardwick. Chris is the host of The Talking Dead, the show about the hit TV show, The Walking Dead!

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01/29/2013 7:11AM
STP's BLOG 01/29/13 "New Goalie Gear!"
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01/29/2013 6:41PM
So very very sick pads dude! How much did they set you back? I have been dreaming about a set of blacks myself!
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