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STP's BLOG 01/29/14 "Beast Mode Loves You"

Yesterday was Media Day for the Super Bowl, and after seeing the circus that Media Day is, I don’t blame Marshawn Lynch for doing a quick press conference.  You have people dressed as super heroes, people in 1700’s outfits, etc…all asking players stupid questions.  don't they know that’s my job to ask dumb question when players call in to our show?  I mean there were questions about Russell Wilson’s hair, someone asked Percy Harvin if he likes playing football, and someone asked Michael Bennett who on the team has the stinkiest farts.   The ultimate dumb question moment happened with Richard Sherman…and props to Richard, he took a ridiculous question/statement and gave a great answer:

It would have been hilarious if Richard then finished the answer by invited her to go to Scores with him.  Waka Waka!
Marshawn did spend some time with Deion Sanders, and the interview was awesome.  A. Marshawn has a great chill sense of humor, and 2. You can tell he is all about the team.  Props to Deion for going with the flow, he did a great job with this interview…

On this week’s STP-CAST, we  spoke with David Barrionuevo.  David is making headlines because he has been to EVERY Hawks game this year…and he doesn’t even live in Seattle.  David is a Seahawks fan from New York, and flies to every game.  There was a great article on him in the Daily News in New York:

David has a blog that chronicles his experience:  SEAFENSE.BLOGSPOT.COM
Check out the entire interview on the STP-CAST – available on iTunes, Stitcher, or here:
Based on David’s story…it doesn’t have to be sports related, have you ever wanted to spend a year travelling and doing something like David did?  What is it?  Or…have you done something like it? What did you do?  Here are some of the texts we got:
My grandfather wants to see a baseball game in every state. As far as I know, he's only done Georgia, Washington, and Kentucky. However the Kentucky game he saw was minor league.

I would like to get a divorce, travel around the country and sleep with a woman from every state.

I am a race fan, always wanted to go to every Nascar race for a season, GO TONY STEWART, John

I hated my job so I took a year off and fished almost everyday. Traveled all over chasing steelhead. 6 months in I designed a fishing lure and by the end of that year I was the owner if a tackle business and I haven't looked back. That was 2002.

Hi I'm branden shires I live in federal way wash. Im 17 and my dream is to follow the mariners to every baseball game they play

44 year old father of 2 A local soft ware enginer of eighteen years qqite his job and took a year off to go to every game this year

I've seen Dave Matthews Band 67 times the past 4 years in 13 different states

Hey Steve I have seen 36 PJ Shows, the longest stretch was 5 shows in a row. I hear ya, would love to go to Europe and follow them for a couple of months

Yesterday was a big day at the station…we received a surprise visit from the man himself…Mickey Mouse! 
 photo mickeystp2_zps4040e25c.jpg
Today’s Video Blog is all about meeting Mickey!
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Here is the same Vlog if you are watching this on your phone...


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01/29/2014 7:51AM
STP's BLOG 01/29/14 "Beast Mode Loves You"
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