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STP's BLOG 01/30/13 "Give it up???"

Huge thanks to David for sending me this video. I remember watching this when I was younger, but watching it now is even more awesome…man I miss the man from Parts Unknown!!

Thanks to the beauty of You Tube with their suggested videos…once I finished watching that video, this one popped up…another priceless Warrior clip!

According to a new study by Durex, the overwhelming majority of Americans would SKIP watching the Super Bowl to HAVE SEX. 85% of men and 81% of women say they'd skip watching the Super Bowl for sex. Yes, women are LESS likely. Which is either because women are less sex-driven than men . . . or they haven't figured out you can watch all the commercials online afterward. Of course, this DOES mean that 15% of men and 19% of women choose watching a football game over sex, but that still checks in lower than we would've guessed.
According to a new study, the majority of Americans would SKIP watching the Super Bowl to HAVE SEX. Based on this…finish this sentence… “Even though I love sex…I WOULD skip sex in order to do _____.” Here are some of the texts we received…

I would skip sex to go snowboarding. Tyler Oak Harbor

My wife will skip sex to workout. That way, she is too sore to have sex the next day.

To watch Germany's soccer team play during the World Cup. (I have done this before and my wife accepts this)

I would skip sex to see my favorite band again TOOL even though I've seen them 33 times

Go deer hunting the thrill of getting a big buck is more climatic then the wife 23 years of marriage

Ide give up sex completely if I had a chance to play baseball again. Its my passion and havent played since senior uear due to blowing out my shoulder

I'd skip sex to go to Wrestlemania! Steve knows – SeattleWrestlingGuy

I would skip sex to go to Disneyland

I have been married 15 years. What is this thing, SEX, that you speak of?

I would skip sex to watch STP play leap frog with a unicorn

Today's video Blog features a couple gifts for from my hockey team, The Tacoma Donkeys, and the other from Crazy Cheri!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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01/30/2013 8:26AM
STP's BLOG 01/30/13 "Give it up???"
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