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STP's BLOG 01/31/13 "Rock Girl Haley"

One of our Rock Girls needs your help…Haley is a semi-finalist to be a cover girl for a magazine. I know the Rock-A-Holics can help her out, so please vote here:

As added incentive…here are a couple of pictures of Haley:

 photo haley_7515_zpsc25b1d82.jpg

 photo haley_8934_zps3cd7b850.jpg

You can vote a few times a day…make it happen! Need to have your arm twisted s'more? 

 photo haley_8954_zpsc2a617a3.jpg

Speaking of Rock Girls…don’t forget the application to be a Rock Girl ends tomorrow…so if you want to be a Rock Girl, or know someone that should be a Rock Girl…apply right here:

And now I will give you a peek into how my brain works…Haley is a Rock Girl…which reminded me of the band Nerf Herder, who have a song with Haley in the title….which then reminded me of one of my all time favorite songs by Nerf Herder – Van Halen:

According to a new survey by a British insurance site called Mobile Insurance, these are the seven ways you're most likely to get caught cheating on a significant other:       
1.  41% of cheaters who were caught got busted when their partner went through their cell phone.

2.  23% got caught when their partner checked their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

3.  13% left a file on their computer that their partner found.

4.  11% were caught in the ACT.

5.  5% were ratted out when their partner was told by a friend.

6.  3% of the time the partner was told by a family member.

7.  2% broke down and confessed.

What about you?  How did you get caught?  Or…how did you catch someone? Here are the texts we received:

My co-worker got fixed, his wife got pregnant and the baby looks a lot like me...BUSTED!....Jeremy in Olympia

My husband put a ad on Craigslist but I caught it before he "acted" with anyone.

I accidentally got caught with the coffee girls I left the coffee cup in my truck

There was a different brand of peanut butter in the pantry. -Lulu

My husband and I are both pilots. Found out he was railing a flight attendant but couldn't be mad cuz I has slept with a coworker pilot. The airline industry truly is the home of cheaters!

She found a receipt for condoms, and the two of us hadn't had sex yet.

I knew a guy back home who found a cd named "family photos" on his computer table. He decided to check it out and found out it contained a video of his wife of ten years getting railed by some 18 year old kid. Needless to say he divorced her and took their two kids with him. Sad but true. Chris.

We got this email…

The other day I heard you guys talking about that dumb APP where you can compare the size of your dong, as Steve would call it, to other people’s dongs.
Later on that night my wife showed me this APP that she just downloaded. It’s a 'Baby Monitor' APP. It tracks when our new born sleeps, eats, poops, and she can share it with me so that we don't have to have that annoying 'when was the last time the baby pooped’ conversation.
I thought this could be a good topic for the show, what APP do you have that actually makes your life easier?

Based on Kyle’s email… what APP do you have that actually makes your life easier? Or…on the flip side, what is the dumbest APP you have on your phone?

For me I have a few I LOVE:

TV Food Maps – this app is the best if you love all those Food Network/Travel Channel shows. It’s an app that tells you what food restaurants are nearby that were once featured on one of the shows on those channels (like Man vs. Food, Diners Drive In’s and Dives, No Reservations, etc).

I dig other food apps that help my wife and I find places to eat, especially when out of town – I have Open Table and Urban Spoon.

X-Finity App…so many times I forget to record something, and with this app I can set my DVR through my phone.

I also love the ROKU App, as it can be used as a remote control as well…and the Twonky App rules, that is how I can watch You Tube videos through my ROKU!

Here are some of the texts we got…I need to download some of these:

As a courier, my traffic maps app are a life saver and helps me make a lot of money!

I have over 3000 CDs and 2000 DVDs. I have an app that scans the barcodes and keeps an inventory.

Alchodroid. Tracks your blood alcohol level and when youll be sober

I got remotepc. Allows me to use my pc from my phone. Had to get it to fix my brothers router mistake in Minnesota.

a calorie tracker app and a shopping list app. My wife is working hard to get in shape and it keeps us both honest about food and it helps plan menus. -Bjorn

I also have icam that allows me to utilize my webcam from my phone. Great for when the babysitter is over.

I am a freight driver. I use the app beat the traffic. It shows me where all the accidents and slowdowns are before I leave so I can plan my route. Its a time saver! Sheila

Sleep talk app. Records you while sleeping I am able to prove to my boyfriend that he talks in his sleep

Iam a Garbage man in sequim kisw dont come in every were here so i download kisw app best app there is for live shows and podcast..

I'm 39 and I have a coloring page app but no kids. I just like to color.

A awesome app is Run Pee. Tells you best time to go to the bathroom in a movie without missing anything and if there is end credit extras.

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01/31/2013 6:17AM
STP's BLOG 01/31/13 "Rock Girl Haley"
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