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STP's BLOG 02/01/13 "E0:9"

You know it’s going to be a weird day when the first time you look at the clock in the morning, and this is what you see…

 photo 95C6CB4D-E1D9-42C4-ABE0-3D162A302A2C-3427-000002B037911EB1_zps542f8891.jpg

Apparently is E0:9! Ha!

Big win for the Donkeys (my beer league hockey team) last night, as we beat the Beavers… even if we lost, it wouldn’t matter as we live by the hockey motto that has existed for years: “Win or Lose, we always booze!”

 photo D66C868F-BA7D-446D-9D91-C9C8775CD7FC-3427-000002B03F078AE4_zpsfe518ed8.jpg

13% of men say that they want to experience what it’s like to give birth…those 13% of people are morons. That is not something any guy should want to experience…so this led to us wondering what are the things that you actually would want to experience…what is something you have always wanted to experience, but haven’t? Here are some of the texts!

Getting hit by a car

Heroin. I would love to know what extreme euphoria feels like. But I'm a healthy guy and will just stick to beer.

I've always wanted to have sex with a midget. Never have to this day. Kyle in auburn

I want to rub baby oil on steve the producers bald head

Female orgasm! Looks so intense and they get to have a couple in a row!

Travel in space

I want to fill a pool with jello to see if i can swim in it... I would be super baked and it would be lime jello maaan!

What I want to experience and never have is a devils three-way with Vicky & BJ


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02/01/2013 7:46AM
STP's BLOG 02/01/13 "E0:9"
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