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STP's BLOG 02/02/12 "New Digs For The Hawks?"

BJ once again has cursed the Seattle Seahawks...he is almost like the John Madden for our team. However, with John…if you are on the cover of his video game, you get injured…with BJ…if he gets your jersey, you will be gone. In the past, BJ has owned a jersey with these players names on the back of the jersey: Hasselbeck, Houshmandzadeh, Curry, Tatupu, Dilfer, Alexander, and soon after…these players are gone. BJ finally hit his breaking point and vowed to no longer buy a player jersey…so he went with the #12 Fan jersey for the 12th Man. Seems like a safe pick right? Wrong! Today we were talking about how that the Hawks play on changing up their jersey’s next season…it’s all part of the new partnership the NFL has with NIKE (goodbye Reebok), and the plan is to change it up. So BJ’s curse continues! His best bet is to go vintage…unless Marty McFly gets involved…BJ can’t curse history! We wound up getting some texts about BJ & his curse:

Everytime bj getd a jerey, something happens! Proof positive is the change of jersey after he got the 12th man! Whoever he hates, he should buy their jersey

If every guy leaves after you get his jersey please get a Tavaris Jackdon jersey.
BJ!!! DO NOT BUY A M. Lynch jersey!!!!!!

Please don't buy a Lynch jersey bj

Let us know what jersey BJ buys. I don't want to get one that I'm going to have to hang up from a player leaving.

If you are curious what NIKE has planned…we probably won’t know until draft day, but on Pigskin Buzz, they posted some potential jersey ideas that were submitted by fans…read about it here:

Here are a couple of the designs…


Looking at these…I vote to keep the jersey the way it is. I’m not feeling the use of lime green any more than how it is used now.

Last week… a guy in Brooklyn posted in the "For sale/wanted" section of Craigslist with the title, "Please teach me about football." Apparently, the guy's girlfriend once dated a college football player, so he lied to impress his girlfriend, and said he was a college football player too. Only he wasn't, and he knows NOTHING about football. Haha what a dummy!!!! This is where it gets good…now he's got to go with her to a Super Bowl party…at her ex's apartment. So he's offering $500 for someone to tutor him about football every evening between now and the Super Bowl. The ad has some really funny lines like, "Her ex played 'linebacker.' Should I know a lot about playing 'linebacker' too? Do quarterbacks normally know about that? . . . It might help for me to learn something from a 'linebacker' if you know one. He's also willing to throw in an extra $100 if his tutor can give him some good comments to say during the game.

So a guy lied and said that he played football in college to his girlfriend in order to impress her…When have you lied about something to impress someone? Here are the texts we received:

I've lied about how religious I was. Went overboard on the church going and read the bible. Was not worth it.

i lied to this guy about being really good at pool. i had never even played before, when we got to the bar i ended up kicking his ass :] so it all worked out!

Stp said he was the ceo of petco, and on the board of the humane society.

I lied to a girl and told her I was the drummer of a band, in reality I just started playing...she called my bluff quickly, Irony is I am the drummer in a band now ha

I slipped fell hit my head on the counter and gave mysekf a black eye.... Told the office girls I got jumped the next day and wound up getting sone sympathy sex

I told a girl I played AAA baseball worked till I met her father who managed the team I said I played for

I told my boyfriend I wasn't a virgin when I was (that was at 16)

I told a girl i was a great rodeo rider. I was a rodeo rider, but i wasnt good. She found the truth out when i face planted. From: Aaron the cowboy.

I told a chick i had my pilots license to get down her pants. 3 months later she rented a plane so i could take her for a flight to join the mile high club.

I once had to pretend to be a religious Christian just to hook up with a girl. It lasted for a month. It I want to thank Jesus for getting laid

We received this email…

The other morning I got a kick out of hearing how you had to watch Sex In The City and Steve watches Grey’s Anatomy just so that you can watch shows that you guys like. I do the exact same thing…my wife and I call it the “TV Trade Off”. I have been watching Desperate Housewives for years now, all because I want to watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Sadly I have become a fan of her stupid show! I believe that if you watch TV with your significant other, there is likely a compromise – you each watch a show you don’t like to get to watch one that you do. I thought it would be funny what other people sit through as part of their TV Trade Off.

So what is your TV Trade Off? Complete this sentence: I have to watch ________ to get to watch _______. Here are the texts we received:

Suffering through Dr. Phil and Teen Mom so I can watch Supernatural and Mythbusters.

Lately I've had to watch the office or cajun pawn stars to watch greys anatomy.

I had to watch all the Harry potter movies, to get my girlfriend to watch season 1 of game of thrones with me. She loved it, so it was worth watching the kids movies after all! - Some guy in Duvall

I gotta watch the young and the restless and the batchelor so I can watch sports and ax men

I have to watch teen mom in order to watch monday night raw.

Why trade off? Thats what DVRs & 2nd tvs are for

I have to put up with crap like gossip girl and sex and the city. Then i get to watch my dirty porn

I have to watch glee so I can watch sons of anarchy

I am the man We watch what I decide that we will watch.

I have to put up with once upon a time so I can watch how I met your mother and always sunny

Good effin morning guys its 40 cal. Chuck from Elma lol I have to watch Jersey Shore to get to watch Sons Of Guns.

Nick in ballard here. I have to watch teen mom in order for my girlfriend to let me watch the walking dead....and sadly I find my self scoping out the tabloids

Hey bj, i have to watch toddlers and tiaras and teen mom just so I can see breaking bad and Southland.

I have to watch glee to watch community. Sam in Tacoma

have to watch anthony bourdains no reservations 4 nfl. ran into bourdain at salumaes and went drinking w him. Totally destroyed belltown

Just like stp i have 2 watch grey's 2 watch raw & i 2 have become a fan lol
I have to watch american idol to watch big bang theory.

I'm the bread winner. I watch what ever I want no trade off

Today’s Video Blog is a re-run from last year! Yes…it’s a lazy day in the video blog department. Since today is the day Punxsutawney Phil decides if it’s going to be a long or short winter (he saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter). So a year ago, we did this video blog, so in a true Groundhog Day spirit…lets repeat it:

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people:

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02/02/2012 8:18AM
STP's BLOG 02/02/12 "New Digs For The Hawks?"
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