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STP's BLOG 02/03/12 "Beer League"

Yesterday my buddy sent me the coolest video ever. Here is the back story: Budweiser Canada surprised 2 beer league teams in Port Credit, Ontario by filling the rink with fans for a random night game. They told the teams they were making a documentary on rec hockey (which is why they thought the cameras were there), and during the 2nd period all of these fans poured into the arena and acted like these guys were their favorite pro teams. It's a great watch, and it’s the Super Bowl commercial in Canada, hopefully in the US too!

If you have ever played in a beer league for any probably got goose bumps just like me...I watched it at least 5 times yesterday. The scene with the guy sitting on the ice is probably the coolest moment…just soaking it in, fighting back tears…I get it. I shared this with many of my hockey friends, and their feelings about it were exactly the same…”I wish that would’ve been us!” I have been playing beer league hockey for the last couple of years, and it’s something that you just can’t explain the “awesomeness” of it to someone if they haven’t done it as well. It’s not even about the game, the wins, the losses…it’s about that time in the locker room. The time spent joking before the game, and the taste of that cold beer the minute you get off the ice (or the court, field, whatever it may be), and the conversations and chirping that follow. Why else would we play games at 10 pm on a week night(or even later) and still get up early in the morning the next day to work. We love the sport, and for many of us...we never got to experience playing at a high level (juniors, semi-pro, or hell…even pro). The wins do feel good, and the losses…well, they are pretty much forgotten by the time you crack open the second beer. Props to Budweiser for doing this for these guys. I can only imagine all of them are still on the high of that night. I spent some time reading the comments on You Tube…many tried saying it was fake, but I just don’t believe that…some of the comments nailed the emotion of watching that perfectly:

What a fantastic gift for all those players--ice hockey is something in your blood that is in you for life, even if you don't have the talent for the big time. I would have loved to have been one of those players.

This was awesome! And NO it was not fake. Must have been a real night to remember for those players. I think that guy summed it up pretty well saying how he had never played professional hockey but that was always how he imagined it would feel and it felt great...good for them!

I know one of the Generals as well! He's still very overwhelmed about this whole thing! A huge thanks to Bud Canada for showing the awesome spirit that we Canadians have...and for the amazing memories they made for these hockey players!

this isn't fake and the teams didn't know .My dad plays for the Generals and they had no idea this was happening to them. My dad scored the winning goal after 15 minutes of real OT. I think all the guys rock and Dad!! we are really proud of you

I would literally sob like a baby if that happened during my hockey game. My team and my league deserve it so much and it would be a dream come true to play in front of a full house like that. What a cool moment!

This Sunday is the Super Bowl, and all week the Giants and the Patriots have been in Indianapolis getting ready for the game, as well as fielding questions from all types of media outlets. During Eli Manning’s chat with the media, a woman from “Access Hollywood” asked Eli who he thinks should play him if a movie was ever made about him…Eli said he would like to have James Van Der Beek play him in a movie…what about you, who would you like to play you in a movie and why? Also…pick a member of our show…who should play that member? Here are the texts:

Stone Cold for Steve.

I think kevin james should play Bj in a movie.

Rosey odanold would party bj because they both have that constant bitching attitude

Clooney to play me cause he looks like me... Gary busey to play top shelf cause, well, isnt it a bit obvious? Thats an easy one!

Danny divito would play a picture perfect BJ

This is jeff of the north. B j could be played by gilbert godfree. Something about the voices

Sasha Gray for Vickie in the porn parody

taylor swift, people say we look alot alike. and for toppy id have jim beluchi

Bruce Campbell cause he has a unique charisma and a love of not taking himself serious And i think woody allen should play bj. Cajun

Kevin smith should play rev

Ralphie. May as the rev!

Eddie Murphy will play all of you

Steve should be played by pee wee Herman. Lol

Me- mark walburg Topshelf- Charlie sheen

Steve: andy Samberg

I think mr. Ed should be played for Steve that way he can indulge in bestiality with out being frowned upon..

Ok bj played by sam kinneson. Or however you spell. Top shelf gary busey steve steve o

Vicki b - bridget the midget

I say Jodi Foster for me and Rob Schnieder for Steve

Steve as Mr Hand from "Zoo"

Corky from Life Goes On can play Steve.

Nicholas Cage for me, because there's a vague ressemblance, and Jack Black for STP

And here, it the text of the day….

Richard gere should play Steve cuz they both like animals up ***** ***

Ok…speaking of animals…here is another video in the “Lulu vs….” series…this one, involves Lucy’s toy, “Sal the Squirrel.”

I love this comment about the video on You Tube:

This is one of the best short films I have seen. It has everything America likes. A cute puppy, creative camera angels, and, of course, a second cute puppy. I for one am excited to see if there will be a Lulu vs the Squirrel 2. Well done. 10/10

Today's Video Blog features a gift from our friends at Subway!

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE user:

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02/03/2012 7:51AM
STP's BLOG 02/03/12 "Beer League"
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