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STP's BLOG 02/06/12 "Giants Win!"

Super Bowl 46…need I say more:


Hell yeah…Giants won!!!!!

What a game…honestly the game was a little boring until the end, and that final quarter was AWESOME, as Eli Manning was “Unstoppable” once again! But before I get to that…huge props to the WWE for using the Bella Twins (they are Divas in the WWE) whenever there are 2 teams competing for a championship! They always dress them in opposing team colors, and post it on their Facebook, and get thousands upon thousands of likes! Do you think the WWE knows their audience?



In case you missed it somehow, the New York Giants won Super Bowl 46, and beat the New England Patriots 21-to-17.

The game was decided on the Giants' final drive when one of their running backs, Ahmad Bradshaw, scored the game-winning touchdown with 57 seconds left in a strange play. The Patriots got out of the way and let Ahmad score so they could get the ball back with enough time for Brady to lead them to a score. Ahmad figured out what they were doing and tried to KNEEL DOWN on the one-yard line, but his momentum carried him into the end zone, ASS FIRST.

Madonna’s Halftime performance did cause some controversy… although it was not Madonna’s fault. M.I.A. made a guest appearance during Madonna’s performance and as M.I.A. wrapped up her verse, she gave the MIDDLE FINGER to the camera. Both NBC and the NFL released statements. NBC said, quote, "We apologize for the inappropriate gesture that aired during halftime. It was a spontaneous gesture that our delay system caught late". And according to the NFL, quote, "There was a failure in NBC's delay system. The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing, and we apologize to our fans."

The NFL & NBC should apologize for giving us this as a halftime show…it was an amazing stage show, but holy cow was it uncomfortable to watch Madonna attempt to dance…either she had a broken shoe, a broken hip, or a rough night of a thrash fest with A-Rod!!!

The first points scored in the game was a safety, and at the MGM Grand in Vegas, the odds of the first score of the game being a Giants safety were 50-to-1. One guy actually bet $1,000 on that and won him $50,000 on the spot!!!

Kelly Clarkson sang the "Star-Spangled Banner" flawlessly, and it looked like she lost weight.

Huge thanks to Ryan Castle for having all of us over for the Super Bowl…great times with the KISW staff!!!


As for the commercials…they were kind of uneventful…I think the fact that commercials get released online before the game has killed some of the “wow” factor…that being said, this one was my favorites and the favorite with the gang I was with for the big game!

These are just a couple of the highlights…there were plenty of memorable things happened during the Super Bowl…for you, whether it be something that happened in the game…or something that happened at the party you were at…what was your Super Bowl highlight? Here are the texts:

My super bowl highlight was my ex girlfriend showing up uninvited. That and she didnt even knock, just walked right in and sat down. -Russell, In Elma
I asked my wife for a divorce.

Shot gunning bud light platnums out of the bottle with 2 bendy straws taped together

Knowing The BJ Shea Morning experience was going to be the BJ Shea MOURNING Experience with the Giants win made my night.


A guy at the party I was at could of won between 4 & 5k had they kicked the field goal... I wanted to cry for him.

Saw my brother & sister-in-law for the first time in 4 years!

The excuse to get away from my wife and have a drink -or a 12 pack with the boys
Didnt get to watch the game got called into work because someones septic tank overflowed during their super bowl party so i spent the day cleaning up feces. Its cool though cuz the guy felt bad and gave me an extra hundred bucks.

My 14 year old tried to sneak out front door with his girlfriend to make out he did not know dad was on back making out with girlfriend making out and saw him run down drive way. Jim from Tacoma

The Clint Eastwood commercial @ halftime. Made me want to run around with a flag while screaming "AMERICA! EFF YEAH!" While weeping proud tears...

Here is that commercial:

Christina Aguilera says she had to be a "pretty strong girl" to deal with the boyishness of her fellow "Voice" judges Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton. She tells "Rolling Stone", quote, "It's a lot. It's a crazy locker room kind of situation." On the plus side, the guys are finally starting to be a little more courteous. Adam says, quote, "I honestly just recently started realizing that [she's] surrounded by three dudes all the time . . . that has to be something of a pain in the ass. “[But] we stopped farting in front of her!" However, Christina says she's still smelling Adam's, quote, "nasty burps."

Based on this, what is something that you won’t do around the opposite sex…or, what is something that you wish that the opposite sex would stop doing around you? Here are some of the texts we received:

I will not blow snot rockets around women.

I HATE when my husband blow snot rockets!! <gag> it's soooo gross!

Dude so my now ex girlfriend would just sit there and complain about me being a smoker but she is a hypocrite because she smokes and i recently quit smoking but now i use chew but i wont dip when im around my new girlfriend

Women would stop bitching around me

Wish my wife would stop farting in bed...her blanket farts wake me up in the middle of the night

when girls always announce they have to pee... no man should ever say that especially around other men... -Kevin in fort Lewis

I wish women would stop talking about there period!

Talking about drama. It's annoying, and no one wants to hear it. Even better is when they say they don't do drama, then start it. -Dark Prince-

I would like my fat girlfriend to stop getting undressed in front of me

I wish women would stop wearing perfume cause reguardless of the kind it all smells awful now body spray is fine but all that perfume stuff smells like piss!

I don't adjust my nuts even though sometimes they need it. I deal with it. As much As I enjoy watching women adjust their jugs being married all it does is get u in trouble, but u can't help it. Boobies being messed with draws your attention. So, if they could stop but they won't. It sux workin with all women.

Leaving tampons In trash container

I absolutely hate it when i see any woman spit. Do gross to see her hock a lugi on the street in public. Its a deal breaker. From Pat.

I wish he would stop putting peanut butter on his junk signed Lucy

I wish that women would stop wearing clothes around me, whats up with that anyway?

Today's Video Blog features Mono Nick & Topshelf meeting Crazy Cheri to get a video of her dancing!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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02/06/2012 7:25AM
STP's BLOG 02/06/12 "Giants Win!"
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02/06/2012 10:33AM
*middle finger*
Who cares? Epic costume change though...
02/06/2012 10:46AM
Giants Win
Awesome! spent the day drinking Men's Room Red and parting with neighbors!!! Twins are hot as hell
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