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STP's BLOG 02/06/14 "Hawks Rally & parade"

Yesterday, over 700,000 Seahawk fans took to the streets of Seattle for the Hawks victory parade...some even said it was around a million.  Regardless of the exact number…it was insane!  The energy in our city was unlike anything I have ever experienced, I am so glad that I was there! 
Here are some pix I took…
 photo 95A12266-ABD6-4CB4-8FEE-4B02BF5A7B5D_zpsngxd1sou.jpg

 photo hawkclawfinal_zps140f9833.jpg

 photo stpgreenbigfoot_zps1869db0c.jpg

 photo 0DB3EE4B-C17B-4BED-8373-0866E2593C54_zpslu47n0jf.jpg

 photo hawkparade_zpsdd96883d.jpg

 photo EB3EA443-8CD1-4488-BCA5-F18FB871CA60_zpsku9pezow.jpg
The highlight at the parade for me was easily Marshawn Lynch…you could tell he was having a great time mixing it up with the fans, as well as with his teammates.  He was tossing Skittles out to the crowd…banging a drum…and spraying Russell Wilson with champagne.  I snagged this pic from my bud Keith’s Facebook page…here is Marshawn drumming with Blue Thunder…

 photo 28AFDB2D-8A27-4794-9658-103B2A540786_zps5ogcog9e.jpg
My bud Jason posted this great pic of Marshawn giving Russell a “champagne shower”…
 photo C50B1ACF-27C3-4FF0-AD49-E054B0DBECC7_zpsms3xlvwg.jpg
Our bud Chad from got a great shot of Marshawn tossing Skittles!
 photo hawkspix1_zpsb383dc77.jpg

And a fan caught Marshawn on video…as he got excited about a fan’s bottle of FIREBALL! 

Beast Mode Rules!

Vicky B. and I walked from our station all the way down to Century Link Field and talked to the 12th is my report….

 Here is the same video for you iPHONE users:

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02/06/2014 6:18AM
STP's BLOG 02/06/14 "Hawks Rally & parade"
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