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STP's BLOG 02/07/13 "I'm Rich"

BJ was not with us for the very first break…. BJ wasn’t with us because there was an accident on I-90, and all lanes were blocked… but in the words of the great philosopher Freddy Mercury…The Show Must Go On!

I have to say…what a ridiculous music video!

BJ wasn’t the only one that almost didn’t come to work today…I almost bailed after getting an email where someone wanted to share money with me that they won. I shared this excitement on Twitter:

 photo imrich_zps70d318a8.jpg

I emailed her and gave her my Pay pal info…I can’t wait to hear back from her with all the cash I’m getting! Lucky me!

Cesar Zakahi of South Dakota was a School Janitor, and was recently fired because of something his co-worker was doing. He says he's repeatedly seen a female coworker store the school's American flag by CRUMPLING IT UP and tossing it in the boiler room. So he took some photos and posted them to Facebook over the weekend. And on Monday, he was FIRED. Cesar is an Air Force veteran. He says he hated seeing the flag disrespected, but when he complained to the higher-ups, they ignored him. So finally, he decided the only way to get any attention for the problem was to post the photos on Facebook. In South Dakota, defiling the flag is a misdemeanor. You can get up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. On his Facebook page, Cesar says, "I was born and raised in South Dakota, I am a disabled vet, [and] I would do this again even though it cost my job to stop the disrespect of the flag." I LOVE this guy...a true American!

Based on this…why do you hate your co-worker? Or…why does a co-worker hate you? Here are the texts we received:

Let's just say yoga pants and big ladies should not mix. –DV

I hate my co worker because he always shows up high as efff, and is the most unproductive person I've ever worked with.

I have a co-worker who often gets horrific gas. Sometimes so bad he is told to go home by the supervisor. I think he does it on purpose.

I work at a truck shop- I'm the only "cute" blonde 21 year old filled in a shop of men from ages 22-45 they all hit on me, talk sexual, and use to say they want to see my breasts or want to get me drunk... I punched a guy in the face for saying it to my face, now no one talks to me :)

I know one of my past co workers hates me because I got promoted before him and I hooked up with (unknowingly) his then gf.

Co worker hates me cause I'm the bosses kid . Sad part is I work harder than most of them .

I cant get a simple question answered in under 5 minutes. Its always a long drawn out explanation!

my coworkers pregnant and think she's disabled

Coworkers hate me because I'm a stickler for the rules.

Today's Video Blog features something that BJ got in the mail.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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02/07/2013 6:47AM
STP's BLOG 02/07/13 "I'm Rich"
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