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STP's BLOG 02/08/13 "Texting While Strolling"

Yesterday I saw something that led to me sending this Tweet out:

 photo tweetdum_zpsf3c400a2.jpg

There was a woman in the Renton area pushing her kid around (by a busy street) and had her eyes looking straight at her cell…texting away. So of course I marveled at how she is putting her kid at risk via twitter…I pulled my phone out as I drove by and fired off that Tweet. I’m kidding, I waited until I got home to send that out…settle down kids!

Last night Soundgarden played a sold out show at The Paramount…I heard it was AWESOME! Check out a couple of Iron Mike’s photos:

 photo soundgarden_zps575ac01c.jpg

 photo soundgarde2_zps180b1a85.jpg

I’m going tonight! I can’t wait! just released the results of their annual survey on the craziest excuse they heard or gave for being late to work in the past year. Here are the eight best . . .

8. One woman dropped her purse in a newspaper dispenser box, and couldn't get it out without putting in change . . . but all her change was in the purse.

7. A guy left his apartment with his roommate's girlfriend's shoes on, and had to go back to change.

6. A guy tried to cut his own hair before work, but his clippers broke halfway . . . so he needed to wait for a barber shop to open to get his haircut fixed.

5. A woman was late because the forecast called for rain, and she needed to put a raincoat on a CEMENT DUCK statue in her front yard.

4. One woman drove to her OLD JOB by mistake.

3. One guy's car wouldn't start, because his court-ordered breathalyzer showed he was drunk.

2. A guy was late because his car was ATTACKED BY A BEAR on the way to work . . . and he had photographic evidence to prove it.

1. And finally, one person was late because they stopped to DELIVER A STRANGER'S BABY on the side of the highway.

So based on these stories, we asked for the Rock-A-Holics stories on the crazy reasons why they were late to something….Here are the texts we got:

I worked with a guy who called in, and his excuse was that he had a eye appointment and he didn't SEE himself coming in to work

A enploye sent me a text to tell me there was a couger on his hood it came with video

downstairs neighbor came in to my apartment and stole my alarm clock.....year later seen her in a bar and she admitted it.wasn't the first time i woke her up with my alarm...

My ex-wife once had an employee attempt to call in sad to work. Not sick, sad.

I once called into work and said I wouldn't make it in because I had a case of Scabies, but really I was tripping on mushrooms. -Ho-Tep, Marysville, WA

15 minutes late for my wedding photo shoot because I stopped on the way to buy the latest volume of Walking Dead and a Magic intro deck from a nearby com

Ok the best reson I have ever given for being late was my gf hand cuffed me to my bed and kept me 2 hours her dad was my boss so it really was hard to tell him why I was late... Richard in Milton

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02/08/2013 9:48AM
STP's BLOG 02/08/13 "Texting While Strolling"
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