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STP's BLOG 02/12/13 "Ruffing awesome!"

As you might know by now…I am a big fan of Macklemore…I love his new CD “The Heist’ – ok, I don’t just love it…I am obsessed with that record…best album of the year for sure. There have been plenty of spoofs on his hit song “Thrisft Shop”, but none better than this one…it was made to encourage people to adopt dogs…

Barklemore…I love it! This is “ruffing” awesome.

Yesterday I noticed this…every so often a guy comes down our window to wash em…he is just hanging outside there…that is nuts!

 photo FDE52232-628C-4323-B435-39FB367D8565-18667-00000F66C8AB4986_zpsbe3b05be.jpg

I agree with Toppy when he told me he wouldn’t even do a 2 story building like this, let along 15 stories!

The fast food chain Fazoli's has just announced that if you get engaged at any of their restaurants on Valentine's Day, you'll get FREE SPAGHETTI FOR A YEAR. Your new fiancée will get free spaghetti for a year too. You'll also be eligible for a drawing to win $500 in Fazoli's catering for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or shower. To be eligible, you have to tell the restaurant manager you're planning to propose before you do it, not after. And with all that spaghetti on the line, they'll probably want proof you really DID just get engaged, so it isn't a scam just to get free pasta. I’m thinking this would be easy to scam the system…just take the ring back if you are already engaged…go into Fazoli’s, and do the proposal all over again. Free spaghetti for a year? C’mon! Sadly the closest Fazoli’s to us is in Utah or Cali.

Based on this…finish this sentence: “If it means that I’ll get their product free for a year, I would propose at _____.” Here are some of the texts we received:

Harley Davidson

I would propose at the rock cafe in lynwood! Great pizza and buckets of booze! Go STP!!!

If it meant I got their products for a year id propose at lovers

If I could get free lap dances for a year I would propose at a strip club.
My bf would say cabelas!

would propose at Cabelas. Both my gf and I r big time hunting and fishing people. Nick in Burlington.

If it means I would get it for a year I would propose at buffalo wild wings

I would propose at Dicks burgers for free food for a year. Unlimited Dicks deluxe, hell yes!

I'D PROPOSE AT TRAPPERS SUSHI!! Lakewooood Larry... "hey toppy"

I would propose at either trappers or a flight school to get all the hours free
The Bunny Ranch!

Gas station once a year

A dispensary

I would propose at Seahawk stadium to get free tickets for a year

NBA star MIKE BIBBY . . . who is currently without a team after spending the 2011 - 2012 season with the New York Knicks . . . got kicked out of his son's high school basketball game for arguing with the refs. Young Michael Bibby is a freshman at Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix . . . which is his dad's alma mater. It's not clear what caused the argument . . . but it ended with Bibby being escorted out of the gym by a COP!

When has something like this happened to you? When have you been kicked out of somewhere…or when have you had to kick someone out of somewhere? Hewre are some of the texts we got:

In eighth grade we were on a field trip from Wenatchee to the east coast. A buddy and I got kicked out of the Smithsonian for walking the wrong way on th e escalators. We got in even more trouble because our teacher couldn't find us , almost had to fly home early, that sucked

I'm small with a nice figure, I was asked to change my clothes on my sins field trip due to too much skin showing with spaghetti straps because at first !they thought I was a student, had my son when I was 31!!!

I grew up in catholic school. I was kicked out of mass for chugging the whole cup of wine during communion then burping right after. Two birds one stone. –steven Tacoma

Was kicked out of a head shop for saying Weed. They said "You gotta go" I laughed. He didn't.

Got kicked out of the strip club for trying to motorboat

Got kicked out of a bar when I was caught peeing out back because I didn't want to wait in line in girls bathroom. –mindy

Kicked out of the king dome for hitting the moose with a souvenir bat...

Today's Video Blog features us voting for the 2013 Rock Girls. Check out the pix and vote at

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02/12/2013 8:21AM
STP's BLOG 02/12/13 "Ruffing awesome!"
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