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STP's BLOG 02/12/14 "Toppy's Crappy Morning"

Talk about a crazy and scary way to start your day…I got a call this morning at around 4:30 from Topshelf…he got into a car accident on I-5 when some guy hit him and a cabbie…and of course the guy that started the accident fled the scene.  Thankfully Toppy and the cabbie are ok, but both of their vehicles are not.  Check out Toppy’s truck:
 photo toppycar_zpsb368b6db.jpg

We talked to Topshelf on the air, and some texters chimes in as they saw the accident…

I saw the accident. Thank you for making me late, TOPPY!! I would've given you a lift if I would've known it was you. –GingerF

I saw the cab on i5 guys and omg

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02/12/2014 6:19AM
STP's BLOG 02/12/14 "Toppy's Crappy Morning"
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02/12/2014 6:53PM
good that you are ok
I am glad to hear that all you lost was a truck. I am also mad to hear that all these people saw your accident but no one (unless it is later that you say it) got the license plate of the one who hit you. this is one reason why we need more cameras and others need to take responsibility for their actions.
02/12/2014 7:28PM
Glad your OK!
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