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STP's BLOG 02/13/12 "A Donkey Weekend"

What an awesome weekend…one of the best weekends ever…hell if I could call in for Weekend Warrior I would, but A. I already have WWE Smackdown tix, and B. I work at the station and there are rules against that. Here is why I had an awesome weekend.

On Saturday, my beer league hockey team, The Tacoma Donkey’s (check us out on the Facebook at ), and our buddy’s hockey team, The Buffalo Wild Wings sold enough tix to the T-Birds game that we were able to play a game earlier that day for our friends and family at the Showare Center. Finally my wife, and my brother, and my co-workers were finally able to see my team play and meet the fellas. What an awesome time. I have to say, I think we gave our buds their money’s worth when it came to watching a beer league battle….as the game was a real nail biter. Ok, just a nail biter for us, but still! B-Dubs were on fire…and going into the 3rd period they had a 4-2 lead, but Donkeynation turned it on at the end, tying the game at 4-4 with about a minute left in the game. The period ended, and if this was the NHL…there would be a 5 minute overtime, but all of us were too tired to do that…so we went straight to the shootout, and The Donkey’s, like Al Michaels, believed in miracles and won the shootout 2-0, and won the game 5-4!!! There is only one reason why we won…no, not my goaltending…far from that! It was because the Donkey’s brought a mascot! Thanks to Drew for this shot:


You might be wondering why a team named the Donkey’s had a Caveman as a mascot, but look…we ain’t pro…a bud had the outfit, so it’s the best we could do.
Here are some pix from the game…Thanks to Pancho for this one:


After my bud Christian saw this one on Facebook…his response was perfect: “Sellout?” Yes…it was a packed house of about 150 people!
Check me out in goal…Thanks Drew for the photos:



After the game, we all hit the Ram for a post game party/pre-funk for the T-Birds Game! My bud & Co-Worker Jen (The Mistress Of Booze, and now Caking maven) made us this sweet Donkey Puck Cake…how bad ass is this:


Seriously it was a weekend I wish I could relive every weekend…thanks to Sharky and the fellas on The Buffalo Wild Wings for being a part of it, and I think this pic sums up the day best…thanks to Phillip from B-Dubs, for this photo:


This is why playing beer hockey rules…we play our out of shape asses off to win the game, but once it’s done…lets all crack a beer and hang out…but first…lets take a photo and have the Caveman mascot do a split in front of us!!!!

Yahoo and "Fitness" magazine surveyed more than 2,000 men and women to find out what their worst vices are, and 55% of us admitted to having at least one major bad habit. The three habits people struggle with most are drinking, overeating, and smoking… here's how it breaks down:

1. Alcohol. 13% of men say that drinking is their number one vice, compared to just 7% of women.

2. Food. 25% of women say that binge eating is their worst habit, compared to 18% of men. And 16% of women say they've even hidden food so no one else could eat it. 12% of men admit to the same thing.

3. Cigarettes. 25% of men and 23% of women say smoking is their worst vice.

4. Cheating. Only 9% of men AND women said they've cheated on their partner.

They also asked about cheating in general. And 19% of men said they cheated on at least one test while they were in school, compared to 17% of women. Only 4% of men and 3% of women admit to cheating on their taxes.

5. 75% Admit to Smaller Vices. Like being a jerk when you lose your temper: 21% said they've cursed out a stranger. 33% said they've flipped off another driver. And 49% have hung up on someone.

Looking at this study, I have come to this conclusion…there are a lot of liars out there. C’mon…everyone has a bad habit…some worse than others. We took calls and texts on what your bad habit is…here are some of the texts:

I have a bad habit if calling my wife a bitch when she is being one.

I have a habit of eating too much peanut butter. –Lucy

I chew on ice cubes. I have for years and I can't stop. My dentist told me I've actually shortened my teeth because of it.

Josh from anacortes and my bad habbit is I'm a compulsive car buyer nice car or a junker I will still buy it

My wife masturbates every morning in the shower and is ALWAYS "too tired" for me. That's her bad habit.

Biting my fingernails. I cannot stop

Herion is my vice im trying to quit for the 3rd time right now its hard the worst drug by far I promise u

I weigh myself before and after a poo.

My bad habit is speeding, I cant drive the speed limit.

The romance novel company Harlequin just released the results of a survey on the six quickest ways get a woman to stop dating you. Here's the list…feel free to use them if you are actually trying to get booted:

1. Being too needy

2. Constantly checking your phone

3. Having too many Facebook photos with an ex-girlfriend

4. Using bad grammar

5. Being married to your work

6. Still living with your parents.

--Here are some other results from the survey . . .

--52% of women research guys on Facebook before a first date.

--54% expect a guy to hold the door for them on dates.

--51% expect the guy to pay on a first date.

So…they have come up with a list of the 6 quickest ways to get a woman to dump you…based on this…whether it be intentional or not…what did you do to get dumped? Here are the texts we got:

I asked her if it would be alright to bang her mom she broke up with me the next day i still go over to bang her mom even when shes home

My gf dumped me after she had gastric bypass, she said soon she'll be hot and can get better looking guys. From troy in Lynnwood

I pretended to be gay.

Eat garlic. All the time. It was intentional..

She caught me getting a BJ from her mom while waiting for her to get home. That was the end. But mom and me are going strong...... Jim in tacoma... Rock on...

She saw my credit report, immediate deal breaker

Today's Video Blog features a good friend of the show, Pancho, swinging by with some LUMPIA!

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE users:

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02/13/2012 7:25AM
STP's BLOG 02/13/12 "A Donkey Weekend"
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