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STP's BLOG 02/14/12 "Valentines Day"

Today is Valentine’s Day…so Happy Valentine’s Day from me…as well as from my pup, Lulu:

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According to a new survey, about 10% of relationships are going to END today. You'd THINK people would wait until AFTER Valentine's Day to dump someone . . .or BEFORE! If you plan on dumping someone on Valentine’s Day…do them a favor and do it on the 13th. That way they can mourn on the 13th…then go out with their single friends on the 14th and find some random person to slay!

Here is the romantic story of the day! On Friday night, a fight broke out between two guys in North Dakota during a THREESOME. The guy who was having sex with the woman refused to switch positions with the other guy . . . so the other guy STABBED HIM in the arm. It was just a minor wound, but he was arrested for felony aggravated assault. Happy Valentine’s Day kids!

I got this email, so if the Rock-A-Holics can show him some “like”, that would rock!

Mr. The Producer,
I own a small property maintenance and auto detailing company called Barnavit Industries.I've been lucky enough to thrive during the recession due to hard work and long hours, and I am trying to pay back my community through service projects and various charity work.
I try to spread the word via my company page on Facebook, and the most effective way is getting people to "like" the page. I try to get people involved by giving away my services (auctions, contests and the like). I also use fun gimmicks like putting a giant pink company logo on my work truck, and wearing my hair in pigtails (growing it out to donate).
Any help spreading the word would be helpful, and I sincerely appreciate your's and BJ's time taken to communicate with me. I know you guys are epically busy.
Thanks again,

Just go to, and type Barnavit Industries in the search to “Like” them!

According to a study by the University of California, San Francisco, 2,500 people a year go to the emergency room after hurting themselves while shaving . . . down there. 57% of the injuries are women… 83% of injuries involve a RAZOR . . . 22% involve SCISSORS . . . and 1.4% involve HOT WAX.

Based on this, finish this sentence: “I’m not proud of it, but I once injured myself doing _____.” Here are the texts we got:

While working at an unnamed manufacturing co I was sitting indian style with an air drill in my lap as I lean over I hit the trigger and the drill bit grabbed my shirt and nipple and rolled them up like a burrito

I once injured myself making beer...blew myself up and got second degree burns from my collar bone to my belly button. TK in Tum

Broke my front tooth eating a doughnut. Didn't want to get my hands sticky so I used a fork and bit it wrong

My friend dared me a fudgesicle to jump off of my roof into the bushes on the ground floor. I did it, I gotta broken ankle and a torn acl instead of a fudgesicle.

Framing a house I nailed myself to the house with a nail gun have to take a huge chunk of wood to the hospital to have them pound it out

I injured myself while trying to get rid of the crabs by spraying raid on my testicles

Today's Video Blog features Trapper and Chris from Trapper's Sushi. Be sure to check out Hot Kyle in the video, as he eats a giant ball of WASABI!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE peeps…

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STP's BLOG 02/14/12
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