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STP's BLOG 02/17/12 "Hello NHL!"

Yesterday the mayor held a press conference that there is a proposal to build a new sports arena in the SoDo area…which means that Seattle is one step closer to getting the Sonics back, and more importantly to me, an NHL franchise!!!  This will be a dream come true…I swear if a team comes here, I will get a 10 game package or something like that!  Hell…I have been paying attention to the Phoenix Coyotes quite a bit recently, as they are the team we would most likely get as they are one foot out the door that is Arizona! 

Now if we do get an NHL team…what will we name them. Some people are thinking go old school with the Seatlle Metropolitans (1917 Stanley Cup champs), I don’t love that name…what will they be called for short? The Mets or the Metro’s? Not feeling it. I would love it if they go with the Seattle Totems, which would still be a way to acknowledge the past. Some texts came in with some suggestions:

How about the seattle donkeys?

NHL team name Seattle Sliders.

The Seattle gooey ducks would be awesome!!!

Seattle tree huggers

How about the Seattle Seagulls. They're everywhere.

Seattle slappers

Seattle evergreens...nhl team

Hey BJ how about the Seattle startbucks!?

Seattle Steelheads

The sockeys!


BJ was talking about a story this morning that was interesting…Facebook's internal content guideline was leaked yesterday…that's what they use to figure out which posts aren't appropriate and should be deleted. Here are 10 highlights of what they will and won't censor.

1. Foreplay like kissing and groping will not  be censored. So go ahead and grope your girl, snap a photo, and put it as your profile pic!  Actual sexual activity WILL be censored, obviously.

2. Photos that show a side-by-side comparison between a person and an animal WILL be censored.  I know, I know…insert Steve/Lucy joke here.

3. Photoshopped images might be censored. If the Photoshopping portrays the person in a negative light, the photo will be removed. But if the Photoshopping portrays the person in a positive or neutral way, the photo can stay.  Sweet my photo shopped pic of BJ doing yoga is ok!!


4. Images of drunk or unconscious people with stuff drawn on their face WILL be censored. C’mon Facebook…where else can we post pix of our passed out buddy with a penis drawn on their forehead?

5.  Graphic photos of dead animals will be censored. Unless the photos are in the context of food prep or, "hunting as it occurs in nature," like a lion eating a zebra or something. Who has pictures of that?

6. Works of art showing nudity will not be censored. But cartoon nudity will be removed.  So no pix of Mickey laying it down on Minnie!

7.  Adult love toys might be censored. If they're in the context of sexual activity, they're gone. If you're just, like, holding a vibrating toy, you're clear.  I wonder if you are using the toy as a drink stirrer…will that be ok Zuckerberg?

8.  Bodily fluids will not be censored. Vomit, snot, earwax, and anything in the toilet are all probably clear. But not if you post a photo of someone in the act of actually releasing bodily fluids…so Rev…no pix of what you had for lunch yesterday!

9.  Photos of poaching endangered animals will be censored, and will be reported.  Egg poaching is still fine…I think.

10.  And finally, photos of, "blatant depiction of camel toes and moose knuckles" will be censored….what?  That means no more Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm photos!


Mike Tyson admitted that his dumbest purchase was 3000 pigeons…what about you…what is the dumbest purchase you have ever made?  Here are the texts we got:

A hooker off of casino road. I now have the clap!

$15,000 on an engagement ring...engagement lasted 6 months

I once bought into a scooby doo book club thing and got suckered into a subscription and had to pay 13$ a week

I was drunk and had the brilliant idea to buy a motorized scooter at schucks in Kirkland and rode it on side streets to Clearview, in the middle of winter at night. What a waste of 300 bucks

What up, has to be a hooker down in Mexico

A plastic mr T key chain with three buttons that make mr T sounds

Two of the dumbest things I've bought: a white tarp shed, absolutely destroyed by branches and a college education- yea 15k down the drain ;) Jaime in graham

Dumbest thing I've done, was spend 11 grand on a vegas timeshare, F timeshare! Lol

Today's video blog features some of our chat with Pauly Shore!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people!

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02/17/2012 8:11AM
STP's BLOG 02/17/12 "Hello NHL!"
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