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STP's BLOG 02/19/14 "Thanks Smith Brothers!"

The other morning we were talking about the old days of having a Milkman, and I mentioned how excited I was to see the Milkman drop off milk in my neighborhood, and that it wasSmith Brothers that were dropping off milk.  Well, apparently the fine folks at Smith Brothers Farms listen to the show, and sent us a bunch of goodies…including chocolate milk – hell yeah!
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Thanks Smith Brothers! 
We were talking about how LeBron james says that when he retires he will be on the “Mount Rushmore” of NBA Greats…meaning that he will be one of the 4 greatest players of all time.  This led to a fun topic where we asked the Rock-A-Holics who would be on the “Mount Rushmore” of Seattle greats…here are some of the texts we got:
Pete Carroll would have to be number 1

Edgar Martinez

Daniel Bryan! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!



Bill nye the science guy!

Toppy for his conquest of women

Bruce Lee Jimmy Hendrix Bill Gates and STP.

Kurt, Jimmy, Eddie, Lane. All the best at their craft.

Gary Ridgeway & Ted Bundy & Ken Bianchi

If they made a Mount Rushmore of Seattle dumbasses STP would be on it - Aaron in Puyallup

Ken griffey JHr, Thee Ted Smith, JP Patches, and STP

The cast of Almost Live

Bill gates, paul Allen, Jeff Bezos, and Marshawn Lynch

So I finally watched the first ever episode of the Tonight Show with jimmy Fallon…man…this was a great bit, Will Smith doing “The Carlton” is awesome!

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02/19/2014 8:40AM
STP's BLOG 02/19/14 "Thanks Smith Brothers!"
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