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STP's BLOG 02/21/12 "Brown M & M's"

Chris Brown & Rhianna are apparently doing a duet together. Yes…the same Chris Brown that beat her up a couple of years ago. What is she thinking? Word on the street is that they are covering the Pat Benatar classic :Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Waka Waka. Ok, that’s a joke…but this isn’t…the first line of the song is this:

“Girl I wanna f*** you right now. Been A Long Time, I’ve been missing your body.”

How offensive is that? It doesn’t even rhyme. I’m guessing the song wont be used for any Disney films in the near future.

A study by Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics found that CEOs work about 55 hours a week. Researchers had the personal assistants of CEOs keep a log of everything their bosses did for more than 15 minutes. Here's how the average CEO spent their week:

--18 hours spent in meetings: CEOs with more people reporting to them spent even more time than that.

--Six hours working alone.

--Five hours at business meals.

--Four hours on the phone: That was split equally between regular business calls and conference calls.

--Two hours at public events.

--The rest of their time . . . about 20 hours . . . included travel time, exercise, or personal activities like lunch with a spouse.

The Average CEO works 55 hours a week…what about you? What do you do…and how many hours a week do you work? Here are the texts we got:

I drive a cab & i work about 70bhrs a week

I work 60 hours a week for eleven dollars an hour with no breaks and I have to eat my lunch on the fly. I'm a heavy equipment operator....

60 hours a week Working building houses for those ceos and get paid min wage

I am a fuel cell inspecter at Boeing and I work about 60 hours a week. Only having about 10 hours of actual work a week I spend most of my day surfing the web and riding a bike inside the factory.

Chad from bremerton.. Im a heavy equipment mechanic. In our peak season I work 95-100 hours a week! Yes a week! 6am to 11pm most days.

Im 18 and i work about 50 hours a week. – hailey

I spend about 10 hours of my 40 hour work week in meetings... And 3 hours a week exercising.

I'm in construction and work 40hrs a week then pick up side jobs for the weekends working 7 days a week and I go to edmonds community college 1 day a week at night
Dental Assistant... Clock 40-43 a week. Actually work 30-35. :-)

Attorney, work 80-90 hours per week, earn much less than most people think

I'm in the army and I am a 24/7 Soldier. Every 5 days I pull a 24 hr shift, followed by 2 days off, and then two regular work days 6:30 - 4:30.

I work in a diesel shop, and i put somewhere from 50-80 hours a week. Im 17 and also have school to balance. No more social life! :P

I'm a garbage guy. 50+ hours weekly. We're aloud half hour lunch but I never take them and if I don't move around enough, I eventually pass out.

Van Halen has released a video of David Lee Roth explaining the infamous "no brown M&M's" line in their touring contract. Here's Dave explaining it.

Brown M&Ms from Van Halen on Vimeo.

This is a pretty interesting explanation…I always thought they were just being drugged out douches for having that in a rider, but doing it to make sure the promoter is paying attention to detail is a pretty brilliant move. We got some texts based on us talking about this:

Some Quality departments put random non work related requests in their job postings to see if people read it and include that in their resume. Attn to detail

Dictionaries have a similar trick. They put one fake word in the book. If it shows up in someone else's book, it was ripped off.

There was a company that in their terms of service it said call this number and get a free pizza if you read this.

We got this email and it led to a fun topic…

BJ –
Over the weekend I was watching a segment on Gary Carter, it talked about his career and his unfortunate death last week.  While watching it, I was pretty emotional, and my wife thought I was crazy that I was so broken up over his death.  I explained to her that watching all of that footage of him back in his playing days took be back to being in my early teens.  I’m 38 years old, and I remember idolizing Gary Carter as a teen.   I played catcher because of him, hell I even begged my mom to get me a perm so I could look like him.  Thankfully she said no that – lol.  To this day I still wear #8 for my softball team.  The “Kid” was my guy…my hero! What about you guys?  When you were a teen, who was your guy?  Who did you idolize?


P.S. Yes, my name is Gary.  Just like Steve – I became a fan of athletes if they had the same name as me.  Gary Payton is my favorite Sonic for that reason too. 

First off…atta boy Gary…That’s why I love Steve Garvey & Steve Largent!!!!

Based on an email we received about Gary Carter…growing up, who was your “guy”?  Who was the guy or girl you idolized? Here are the texts:
I completely understand. I felt the same when dale earnheart died

Bj- without question mine was Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt sr. That was also the day I saw my dad cry. BRYAN from Belfair.
Jerry Rice. Best Ever

Kurt cobain. Listening to his music hits me in the soul. Also yesterday was his birthday. Liink in Poulsbo

Eddie Guerrero, it was the first and only time I got sad and actually cried a bit when i heard he passed away

Shawn kemp back in the day and ken Griffey jr.

I would say hulk hogan as a kid was the best idol. Say your prayers. Eat your vitamins. You can slam andre the giant at madison square garden. Not so much

Neil Peart. Best Drummer EVER.

I idolized Michael Jordan and wanted to play basketball because of him. I never did play the sport, but I still love him. I even started choosing favorite athletes based off their number being close to '23' like Barry Bonds, Mike Cameron, and even Jeff Gordon.

Steve will appreciate this one. Bret the hitman Hart.

Stone Cold Steve Austin! Always wanted to be able to rebel against my boss the way he did! Just such a great influence and mentor for struggling middle class in my mind. Who else could drink beer and give their boss the bird! From Harley in Olympia

Chipper Jones for the Atlanta braves... Has been a brave his whole career and I love the way he still plays the game... Love Chadd

My mom loved Gary Carter and was pretty torn up when he died. Same thing happened when Dale Earnhardt died in 2001.

BO JACKSON was my idol growing up. Baseball and football powerhouse. So sad when he broke his hip vs Cincinnati. –Tim

I idolized freddy mercury. I wanted to sing just like him. No one had better pipes.
I'm 42 and I idolized David Lee Roth. When i was a kid I wished I had his moves, his lifestyle, his leather pants, and his chest hair.

I was crushed when i heard dime bag died. I Was a budding rocker and seasoned music lover even wanted to play guitar like him RIP Darell Derrick in everett

Today's Video Blog is part 2 of our chat with Pauly Shore!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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STP's BLOG 02/21/12 "Brown M & M's"
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