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STP's BLOG 02/21/13 "Jim Breuer and Stone Cold Steve Austin"

This morning we were back live! Bj was sick because he made out with Toppy, and Vicky last week and caught what they had!

Huge thanks to Topshelf…he got me a new blindfold. Why? I wear one during Beat The Producer to prove I don’t cheat…this one has a Kanye West / Macho Man Randy Savage vibe to it:

 photo 3E6EF8F4-D3B3-40ED-9048-4B9E5AE1C30A-311-000000A054214479_zps85ce44ee.jpg

This morning we played a clip from our interview with Jim Breuer. Jim joined us on this week’s STP-Cast, and he got a kick out of Toppy sharing a story of a time when BJ was a stand up comic and had hot dogs thrown at him. Hot Dogs! You can hear the interview on this weeks STP-CAST here:

Jim is at the Snoqualmie Casino this Sunday…I mean it when I say that he is beyond hilarious. He is my all time favorite comic, and his stand up does not disappoint! Get tickets at Ticketmaster or more info at While we had Jim on, we talked about his documentary “More Than Me”, which is available on iTUNES this week. The film is about how back in 2008, Jim went on a comedy tour for the first time in 6 years ... with his 84-year-old father. His dad’s health was not the best, so instead of putting his pops in a nursing home, he figured he would take care of him while on the road…plus giving his dad something to do. Here is a trailer:

When I got home that day I watched the documentary. Wow. This film is amazing…It will elicit a few emotions out of you…I laughed out loud, and I had watery eyes as well. I already loved Jim as a comic, but my appreciation of him as a human being is on a way higher level. Check it out.

 photo stp-breuer_zps4c97330d.jpg

Last year, a 22-year-old in Texas ordered the most expensive Starbucks drink EVER. It was a Java Chip Frappuccino with 16 extra espresso shots plus a bunch of other add-ons . . . and it cost $23.60. Well that record just got SHATTERED. Because a guy named Beau Chevassus in Enumclaw just found a way to order a drink at Starbucks that cost $47.30. He ordered a $4.75 venti Mocha Frappuccino . . . then added 48 extra espresso shots. Those alone cost an extra $36. He also tossed in two bananas, vanilla syrup, strawberry puree, mocha drizzle, caramel drizzle, chocolate chips, vanilla bean, matcha powder, and protein powder. He calls the drink the Quadriginoctuple Frap. There's no word on how it tasted.

While talking about this story, Beau called in and told us that he likes to make irreverent videos, which is why he did it…here is the video he made chronicling his Starbucks experience:

A guy from Enumclaw broke the record for the most expensive Starbucks drink EVER, spending over 47 dollars on one drink… Based on this…Finish this sentence: “I can’t believe I spent that much on _____.”

70K on a range rover

I spent 500 at a strip bar in oregon the ACROPOLIS LOTS OF FUN BUT DAMN

My dog ate over 12000mg of prescription strength ibuprofen. The vet bill cost me over $2400!

I can't believe I spent $100 on a single sideview mirror for a car that I had to scrap a week later

Spent 1200 dollars at the bar when I got back from iraq in 2008.

Jim Breuer wasn’t the only one to join us on the STP-CAST this week…Stone Cold Steve Austin joined us to promote his new movie “The Package”, which is available on Blu Ray & DVD. This film looks great…straight up action…reminds me of the 80’s action films I grew up loving!

There is a scene that I came across online that I love…check it out:

While on the show, I asked Steve if he thought there would be another season of Tough Enough – that WWE reality show that he hosted – which was awesome. He said he thinks that window was closed, and that the WWE dropped the ball on not bringing the show back. Well those comments made news in the wrasslin’ internet world…I saw that it was featured on a bunch of wrestling sites. Big thanks to Jason Powell at (my fave wrestling news site) for breaking the story!

 photo C5CB9D53-5247-4E9B-AEDC-E8338F7A8A88-311-000000A095943451_zpsdf3641ab.jpg

 While we had Stone Cold on, he said that Seattle has the best steaks in the world, as his favorite place to eat steak is at The Met! He also said that he loves going to 13 Coins as well. This got us thinking…what about you? What is your “go to” place when it comes to Seattle? Here are the texts:

Favorite place is The Angry Beaver on Greenwood and 85th. Good food and hockey on the big screen. Who could ask for more? Charlie in Shoreline.

blue acre their spicy crab will melt in your mouth haha

Bj should like this one... my favorite place is afk tavern in everett. Best drinks hands down and their tots are to die for

Dick's drive in. Can't go wrong with a deluxe fries and vanilla shake

Dukes chowder house West Seattle. Great food n view. Specially summer. Know what i mean? Craig from Shelton.

My go to place is University Teriyaki in the U district -One Hungry college Student

Mamas Mexican restaurant. Gotta have an Elvis in my mouth when in Sea Town.

Local 360, It's a restaurant in Belltown that focuses on providing locally grown and produced Goods

"the crab pot" all the way !

Ricks in lake city.

Tat's Delicatessen in pioneer square. Lost my job there a year ago but i still eat there as often as possible. Best sandwiches I've ever had, especially the Ruben and they're signature sandwich the Tatstrami as seen on tv.

This will make STP happy..Trappers...

Salumi! Only open 4 hours a day 4 days a week and they have the best sandwiches ever. Been to Rome and these compare with Italian food in Italy.

It has to be North Lake Tavern for pizza

More for STP... But Crocketts Pub house in Puyallup just featured on diners drive ins and dives with your guy..... Guy.

BJ Shea.You guys need to come down south and go to Burger Express in Federal Way and get the boz burger best burger joint in the northwest hands down FRKSHO

The Wurst Place in South Lake Union. Awesome sausages, amazing fries, and a killer beer list!

Its not seattle but in gig harbour and port orchard a Mexican restaurant called blue agave. Their burritos are bigger than my face and pretty cheap best burrito ever

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02/21/2013 7:50AM
STP's BLOG 02/21/13
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02/21/2013 8:55AM
Thanks dudes!
Glad you digged my Starbucks video! Keep up the awesome show! (and a quick shout out thank you to all my friends who listen to your show and quickly texted me with, "Dude! Your video's on the BJ Shea!"). Rock on, -Beau Ch.
02/21/2013 8:57AM
Thanks dudes!
Glad you digged my Starbucks video! Keep up the awesome show! (not sure why my comment's not being posted... the website keeps crashing. Weird. Sorry if you get multiple comments.) Rock on, -Beau Ch.
02/21/2013 12:16PM
best steaks hands down!
Try the steaks at Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse in Federal Way or Renton..the best anywhwere and price is reasonable. Peanuts on the floor for added ambience and big cold mugs of beer! The rolls alone will keep you coming back and the Crawfish chowder..OMG!
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