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STP's BLOG 02/22/13 "Pho-Get-About-It"

BJ mentioned how there are all of those Pho places with creative names…like It’s Pho You, What The Pho, It’s Pho Fun, etc…hell we got a text about it:

Pho shizzle in Renton –DV

That’s an awesome name…but I’m thinking we could open our own Pho place…it could be a Pho meets Italian hybrid, and we can call it “Pho’ Get-About-It!”

Valuable lesson learned. When being involved in a crime…it’s never a good idea to brag about it on Facebook! These 2 Everett chicks broke into a place…robbed a bunch of stores…were dubbed the Barbie Bandits, and then posted pix and comments about committing the crime. Here is a pic of them….

 photo 2FE0B4D7-FC69-4D67-8652-77305069BA68-1467-0000020FDBFD65AF_zps7c005006.jpg

According to a survey by a British travel site called, these are the biggest regrets people over age 50 have about their lives. I love the #1…it is from a travel site after all!

1. 91% wish they'd traveled more.
2. 72% regret their career choice. (--People could choose more than one thing.)
3. 64% would like to take back some bad relationship choices.
4. 55% wish they'd taken better care of their bodies.
5. 53% are sorry they lost touch with friends.
6. 46% wish they'd been more careful with their money.
7. 27% regret having children too early.
8. 25% think they worried about things too much.
9. 19% wish they'd been more of a "yes" person.
10. 8% regret having children too late.

Today Bobby Lee joined us in studio…that is always an adventure is randomness!

 photo 6722A031-6B29-42CF-B178-9937F4359614-1467-0000020FD4859F6D_zpsa0360d4e.jpg

We love having Bobby Lee on, he’s at The Parlor Live this weekend….Get tix at .. Check him out in today’s Video Blog …

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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02/22/2013 9:04AM
STP's BLOG 02/22/13 "Pho-Get-About-It"
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