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STP's BLOG 02/24/12 "Revenge!"

This morning BJ shared an awesome story about someone stealing food in the workplace…only this one stands out because the crime was happening at a police station! The police department in Deer Park, Texas was having trouble with someone stealing lunches at work, so officers set up a STING with surveillance cameras. They caught an officer stealing lunches four times, and he's been suspended. He's also facing theft charges…and if he's convicted, it would keep him from returning to the force. That is too funny…this police officer could lose his job over stealing lunch! What the hell was he thinking? He is stealing from other officers and didn’t think one of the guys would say, “Hey…we are trained at doing stings…lets set one up in the kitchen!”

Apparently our buddy Bob down the dial was talking about this story as well, as we received this text:

Jodi from Kjr just accused you guys of stealing her food outa the fridge during the "THE END" days.

My response:

she speaks the truth ha she brought in good food!

Speaking of texts…here is the random and funniest text of the day…it is from a Rock Girl hopeful…

So i came and met (the promotions department) and Ryan castle last night for rock girls, leave it to me to go home and have a dirty dream about Ryan castle lmao. Fml

On Tuesday, police arrested a 31-year-old in Oregon who'd been getting revenge on his ex-girlfriend by posting stuff in the Craigslist CASUAL ENCOUNTERS section. Back in November, 31-year-old Andre Jermaine Flom of Portland, Oregon got dumped by his girlfriend, 29-year-old Catlin Moser. And Andre decided to use Craigslist to get revenge. So he posted about THREE DOZEN messages on Craigslist…mostly in the Casual Encounters section…and gave Catlin's name and address. The posts said things like, "I'm very real, looking for a sexy guy to come give me what I need, hit me up! I'm super horny." Another ad said, "Lookin' for a guy, or guys, to take turns givin' it to me good!" After one of them, about 15 random strange dudes showed up to Catlin's house, and that's when she called the cops. They traced the posts to Andre, and arrested him on Tuesday. These two clearly had an unusual relationship before all this happened, though. There's a YouTube video from last year where Andre filmed Catlin shocking herself with a Taser. Check it out:

Ok…so this guy went a little too far in trying to get revenge…what about you? How have you gotten revenge, or how did your ex get revenge on you? Here are the texts:

I found out that my gf at the time was cheating on me so I slept with her bestfriend

My buddy put nair in his chicks shampoo bottle afta she cheated on him f***** up holla

I got back at my Ex by having a great life. She now lives with her boyfriend in his parents basement!

When I found out he was cheating on me, I changed the locks and sold all his S***
I took a naked picture my ex sent me and made a facebook profile with just her body as the profile picture. Blurred the head and added her and her friends

My ex decided to have an affair with my best friend at the time. So I left her and ended up marrying her best friend

My ex cheated on me, so I put nair in his hair gel, bleach in his face wash n fish juice in the air vents of his car.

My sister photo shopped her ex's face into a bunch of gay porn photos and wallpapered his bedroom with them.

My wife cheated on me so i banged her sister classic now divorced

Thanks for the ideas,my ex cheated on me and cost me 700 bucks yesterday and Im gonna get back at her!

Today's Video Blog features our bud Barret, and he brought us some "breakfast"!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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02/24/2012 8:20AM
STP's BLOG 02/24/12 "Revenge!"
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